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Your Character

Your character is a multi-faceted being with quite a bit of information associated with it, from race to stats and more. Here's some initial info!


In Starmourn characters have both a first and a last name. However, last names will be restricted by race and will be selected from a pre-approved list of last names. They won't, therefore, be unique, unlike first names which must be unique and are how players target/select each other.

The reason for allowing only a preselected list of last names is to help create some racial identity. It's possible that down the road we'll institute a way for accomplished players to create a new last name that other players can, with the permission of the name 'owner', change to as well.

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As you'd expect in an epic sci-fi MUD, Starmourn has a variety of races you can play as - at least 12 in our case! Read up more about the various announced races here.


Surprise, we have levels! I know, I know - you're shocked. The innovation of it all!

More seriously, the level range at launch will be 1-75. XP will be earned to level you up, with your highest-ever xp figure recorded such that if you lose xp due to death (we will have an xp death penalty), you can regain xp up to that point significantly more quickly than you got there the first time.


As in many games, your health is a general substitute for taking general damage. When you run out of health, you die.

Your health range in Starmourn will be approximately 20-1000, depending your level, your equipment, and your lifeforce stat.

Class Resource

Most character classes in Starmourn have at least one class resource that's specific to their class and is used to power abilities in the class.

Offensive Stats

  • Strength - Affects your melee damage, including melee weapons as well as fists and feet.
  • Aim - Affects your aim with ranged weapons.
  • Psyche - Affects any kith abilities you use as well as anything mentally-based.
  • Techcraft - Influences how effective things like power armor are for you, as well as specialist tech like grenades, traps, nanoswarms, and so on.
  • Agility - Helps dictate how well you can perform abilities that are acrobatic or require lots of coordination.

Defensive Stats

  • Lifeforce - Affects avatar max health.
  • Evasion - Helps you avoid attacks that can be avoided.
  • Mindsim - Helps you cure afflictions more efficiently with your wetwiring system.
  • Focus - Helps determine your max flow the same way that lifeforce affects max health.

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