The world of Starmourn

Starmourn is the premier sci-fi MUD, the result of decades of MUD experience culminating in an expansive world with many unique paths to explore and master. Researchers, fighters, starship pilots, hackers, underworld kingpins - Everyone's got a role to play in the Starmourn sector. Keep reading to learn more!

Roleplay (RP)

Players are the heart of the Starmourn sector, and the admin team has placed a major emphasis on empowering our community to build out their RP whether its together or with extra admin support. Check it out!

Dynasties and Clans galore

Make your mark on the sector with a custom Dynasty name and assemble a collection of like minded spacers in the Starmourn version of families. Clans are also still available, as are the classic options such as marriage.


Nothing says fantasy roleplay quite like home ownership. Scratch the itch and open a Habitation today, a mapped location you can keep for yourself, share with a dynasty, and more with the opportunity for custom room descriptions, multi-room expansions, functionality like the ship rooms, and more!

RP Request System

Send a request directly to admin, pay the approved costs, and enjoy a wide range of custom player-driven RP events with the support of our team.

Past examples include: A flower heist, custom incursions, knife-fights, NPC supported concerts, military reunions with NPC recruits, and more!

Projects System

Thanks to this system added in 2023, players have the ability to create and manage project plans with an in-game support system for IC and OOC coordination. Assign tasks and track progress on personal, dynasty, clan, and faction initiatives all in one spot.

Mercenary System

Mercenaries have a certain set of skills, and they're willing to rent out those skills for a price. While this often means putting your fists in someone's face, some mercs live out their days as archaeologists for hire, designers, captains on escort missions, and other less aggressive practices. The choice is yours, and so are the marks.

PvP Combat


Player combat has been revamped in Starmourn - The introduction of Wetwiring strips the need for a complex system of curatives and instead shifts attention to the skills at play. Check out all the ways you can put your combat strats to the test!

Bounty Hunters

Bounties provide a way for players to seek in-game resolution for character deaths or other perceived slights. If you have a roleplay reason to attack another character, you can instead choose to place a bounty on them and have your retribution carried out by another.

Bounty hunters must be at least MIL 50 and pay in at Tranquility Deepness, an-end game zone filled with face snatchers and shadows. Once you're in, you'll get special access to extra tools needed to carry out the trade swifty and effectively.

Arena Events

There are three arenas to explore across the sector: In Omni, Agog, and the Winterflame area. Faction leaders and admin are able to initiate arena events and players can join from anywhere in the sector.


This is a one-on-one duel between two people, two teams, or against a Class-Skilled PvP AI bot.


A 2-phase rampage with a Bloodbath first half where dying has no penalty, and then a Finale where dying kicks you from the arena. Last player standing wins.


This is a fight-to-the-death event where unlimited players can enter the arena and try to kill each other. Last player standing wins.

(Winterflame Exclusive)

Comes in 2 varieties:

Traditional Snowball Fight: You score a points every time you hit another player with a snowball, and the winner is the person with the most points.

Snow Royales: You are eliminated after taking 10 hits!


For spacers looking for a little chaos or a fight, toggle on Lawlessness to open yourself up to spontaneous combat anywhere, anytime. You'll also gain points towards your Lawless Ranking while out in the open world. Take out other Lawless players or simply survive the longest to take that top spot.

Ta-Deth Caches

Caches are custom wilderness locations that spawn randomly and serve as an open PvP incentive for all players looking to harvest the Ta-Deth Crystals stored within. Eagerly sought out by those looking to power their held Cosmpiercers, the rare RICH Caches hold significantly more charge power and often result in heated battles between the factions.

Use COSMPIERCER CACHES in game to pull up a schedule of incoming cache locations and coordinate with your crew to plunder the crystals.

PvE / Exploration

The Starmourn Sector is expansive, including a wide range of planets, cultures, and exploration points. Solo and group players alike can experience great satisfaction with a collection of challenging gameplay opportunities.


Over 4o unique maps of hunting grounds to explore, with more to come! The Sector is full of interesting creatures and machinations to discover and register in your Xenozoology research.

Wilderness Exploration

Wilderness zones are unmapped areas which provide scaling PvE hunting opportunities with unique mobs for the planet being explored. Scout your way through the sector to find one of over 20 available entry points!


With over 400 quests to discover, the Sector is in dire need of kind-hearted spacers to lend a hand or tendril. From helping a creature with a tummy ache to tackling a shadow agency to finding a plushie for a nanite-channeling child's skeleton, there's much to discover!


From time to time a creature will become so powerful, that it actually becomes a threat to the general population and the ecosystem.

Fantom Industries has turned to the spacer community for help understanding why this happens and eliminating these potentially hazardous lifeforms before they disrupt the local habitat or an entire planet. Turn in a corpse to one of their labs for a reward and some extra gratitude.

Vihana Facilities

An end-game PvE challenge for groups of 1-5 players, Vihana Facilities are dark, scary, and challenging for even the most experienced among us.

The mobs in these dungeons hit every niche: flying, exploding, healing each other, making you fight your teammates - You name it, they'll throw it your way. Clear through them, and you'll have to take either on the Overseer or hack your way to the next floor. Level up your Surge powers with each attempt until you can take on the Facility Boss and claim its treasure.

Space Combat

They dive left, they zoom right, cannons... ACTIVATE! Ship combat is one of the most unique aspects to Starmourn's gameplay with an incredibly large Space Map to explore and a variety of PvP and PvE experiences to challenge.


Incursions are NPC attacks targeting a space sector. These can be pirates looking for plunder, spaceborne monstrosities looking for spacers to feed on, or the many agents of the Ishvana itself looking to fuel its machinations.

Daring spacers can return from incursions with a wealth of captaincy experience, space junk for marks, and even the occasional piece of ship tech for modders to reverse engineer.

Ship PvP

It's the age-old fight of missiles vs lasers. Space PvP in Starmourn is an intricate dance of skip drives, lasers, and interdiction webs between any number of pilots for any number of reasons.

Similar to player PvP, ships have an EWAR system that can be damaged by weaponry, as well as a shield, capacitor, and of course ammo supply to monitor. Lock on to your target and fire away to boost your reputation or nab some high-value cargo.

Pirates VS Wardens

In most corners of space in the Starmourn Sector, there be pirates a-lootin' and wardens hunting them down.

Join the ranks of the pirates by completing notorious acts such as killing cargo ships or hauling contraband through the sector. Wardens wage the war against encroaching piratical threats, hunting down pirates and being hunted in return.

Space Mining & Refining

Space isn't just lasers and mines, though - There's also mining, refining, manufacturing, and hauling cargo to be done!

Mining Asteroids & Gas

Tether and Scoop your way to success as a titan of industry, collecting materials to sell raw to the highest paying faction or bringing them back to an autofactory to refine into finished goods.


Build a free-standing Refinery in space, a structure used to refine raw goods into meaningful commodities. Take advantage of local economies and create the most efficient production line in the sector.

Screen Shot 2023-11-20 at 7.11.17 PM

Market Orders

10-4 Space Truckers. Cargo's locked 'n loaded. Factions, orgs, and individual players alike manage the commodities market by submitting order requests and offerings for sale, then it's up to the cargo haulers to keep the whole cycle moving.

Cargo Contracts

Cargo contracts allow players, and the occasional AI-piloted NPC, the chance to move materials across the sector for payment, as long as they out-maneuver or out-gun any pirates along the way. Prep your best Han Solo impression and get to it!

Exploring Asteroids

Ripe for the taking, some mineral rich asteroids await deep in the Starmourn Sector. For those pilots able to beat out the competition and local fauna, setting a correct pattern of charges will result in a bounty of marks and materials. The huge explosion warming your back as you spacewalk to your ship is pretty cool too.


Every sci-fi, futurepunk society has their underbelly hackers, and Starmourn is no exception. Hack your way into the datastream for all kinds of perks -

Hacking Terminals

A unique minigame to the Starmourn sector, hacking into terminals can earn you all kinds of benefits including access to places you shouldn't be, Commsphere data from an enemy faction, and of course - cred on Rankings Hacking.

Screen Shot 2023-11-08 at 6.29.11 PM

Fray Contracts

FRAY is an NPC organization specializing in the covert attainment of information for mysterious shadow figures. Sounds sketchy? It absolutely is. Seems like they're gonna be hard to find? Oh for sure. Only the best hackers can... well, hack it with FRAY.

Complete enough contracts, though, and FRAY will reward you handsomely. As their leader puts it: "Hack fast 'n steal faster, spacer. May data guide you."

Hacking Dungeons

These are extended questlines that involve hacking the Commsphere and interacting with strange NPCs around the sector.  The first chapters are out and ready to explore - check 'em out and meet one of our very favorite karaffee-addled scientists, [name redacted].


Rock the masses, climb the ranks of fame, and stream your get-ready routine to your adoring fans from atop an absolute mountain of marks. Starmourn boasts the opportunity to create free-form performances of singing, dancing, music playing, spoken-word poetry-ing, and anything else your imagination can foster.


Choose from one of six instrument specialties (GUITAR, KITHDRUMS, VOIDPIPES, SYNTHBOARDS, EUKULELES and VOICE), then get to work making a brand, writing down some words to tug the heart strings, and getting those marks.

Concerts & Performing

PERFORMANCE PERFORM in a concert venue for some practice and to build your skill, then get the band together for the real gig. These are free-styled RP engagements wherein you, the player, write your own song lyrics and perform them for a crowd of rabid fans alongside your best dance moves, light shows, and more. Perform often to gain fame throughout the sector and take your name to the top of RANKINGS PERFORMANCE.


A much beloved pastime, players designs have reached their next level in the Starmourn sector. Stock your goods on the tradenetwork or in a physical shop, cue in to the trends for bonus profits, and manufacture mods for ships, armor, and weapons alike with a collection of tradeskill specialties.


The design scene in Starmourn is FLOURISHING with 6 tradeskills currently available: Fashion, Cuisine, Jewelry, Furnishing, Mixology, and Art. Plans are in the works for 2 more tradeskills by the end of 2024, so stay tuned!

Trends in design are constantly shifting in the Starmourn Sector and it's up to YOU to keep up. Design your goods with that trade's trending design element to boost your sales and set the sector ablaze with your hot goods.

Modding & Workshops

Anyone with a modding tradeskill can establish a workshop to begin mod research and development. Once you're set up, hire assistants to help you in fetching parts, improving your relations with manufacturers, and researching effects, plus a Manager to source mod shipment orders and workshop quests.

Players can specialize in armor modding, ship modding, and weapon modding with the ability to create any number of custom chassis to host their mods in. Free advertising for those sweet skills, right?

Player Shops

Similar to other IRE titles, players are able to open up their own shops with a Shop Deed. This is a much more expensive alternative to the Trade Terminal shops available across the sector and grants you an NPC shopkeep and a physical location to decorate and sell your wares.

Trendy spacers can also expand their shop locations, adding rooms and even extending a Habitation off the back room!

Faction Tutors

Tutors from every tradeskill are available in each Faction for RP and to instruct players in the ways of their trade. If you don't have a shop, these tutors also present a free opportunity to get special design related quests to boost your income and prestige in the trending sector.


All across the wildernesses of the Sector, spacers can uncover archaeological finds which have the capacity to reveal the prehistoric ecologies and material cultures of the Sector's diverse celestial bodies.
a.k.a. Find cool lore nuggets exclusive to the Archaeology speciality!

Dig Sites

Chat with your NPC Museum Curator to select a celestial body to explore, then select your team of NPCs of varying quirks, personality traits, and specialties to coordinate the actual work. Once they get going, it's up to you to solve any complications that may arise and ensure a safe workspace for your team while they uncover the hidden mysteries of the sector.


In addition to the NPC running daily operations, factions have the ability to appoint Player Curators, a new leadership position available exclusively in Starmourn.

Work with other players to coordinate dig site efforts, then show off your recoveries with flair in custom-designed hardlight display cases and exhibitions.

RP Research Sessions

The museum's back room is where the real magic happens - Once you've recovered enough pieces of a specimen or fossil, you and as many other players as you'd like can engage in an open RP format research session to learn more about the piece. These sessions are all logged to the in-game archaeology forums for review and voting, so check them out any time!

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