Resources In Starmourn

You can discover a wide array of raw resources across the Starmourn Sector, including:

  • Diamene - A mineral that conveys multi-dimensional info well.
  • Isotropic Duramine - A mineral that makes some substances much harder when bathed in super-heated gas drawn from this.
  • Astrium - The base for HDS (High-Density Stabilized) Astrium.
  • Stesium - A mineral that becomes extremely rigid under pressure. Used in ballistic ammo and in linear drives.
  • Titanium - The core resource used to make paristeel and transteel, which are used in everything from buildings to ship superstructures.
  • Magnaril - A mineral capable of holding other materials together almost as if they were highly-magnetic.
  • Helium-11 - A form of helium that's capable of super-fluidity at reasonable temperatures.
  • Elessium - A gas that stabilizes things like antimatter and dark matter, and can be used to increase the power output of certain things.
  • Tritium - A gas used in tritium cores, R-glass, and shield generators.
  • Dark Matter - A substance used solely in dark matter matrices for gravitic drives.
  • Ultarine - A gas that's the explosive of choice for many kinds of explosives, including starship missiles and grenades.
  • Antimatter  - Used primarily in antimatter cores for antimatter drives.
  • Iriil - A material closely tied to kith, and used for most objects that interact with kith.