What's a Nanoseer?

"Your grip on reality wavers as you sacrifice a little more of your sanity to the Empyreals in exchange for more power, sooner, faster. You laugh. You don't care."


For a very long time, scientists had been working to give people the ability to finely-control swarms of nanites by thought or gesture, but no workable solution had been found for an individual to take command over the millions of individual nanites that make up a swarm.

Then, in 2616 B.E., a Shen void user named Amasha Atiq managed to bring the level of control necessary without the rapid degradation previous attempts had seen. The key, as it turned out, was using void kith, but not in its raw form, which had been tried many times without success. Kith can be quite powerful, but lacks the precision required on its own.

What Amasha discovered was that by filtering the void kith through psuedo-organic circuits, in the form of intricate tattoos inscribed using the substance called iriil, the kith energy could be transformed into something suitable for this kind of control. Iriil is a kith-associated material only found orbiting, at high velocity, the largest black holes. Iriil doesn't fit into the commonly-accepted forms of solid matter - gas, liquid, solid, plasma - and appears to sometimes have the properties of all four simultaneously. What we're certain about, however, is its strong connection to kith. Unlike astrium, which is believed to be a byproduct of iriil decay, iriil itself appears to have a direct relationship to kith, or perhaps could be said to 'contain' some kith.

Shen nanoseer

What can Nanoseers Do?

Nanoseers channel void kith to connect with the eldest and most powerful beings in Starmourn through pseudo-organic circuits tattooed in iriil, a strange kith-associated material manifesting simultaneously as all four forms of matter and only found orbiting the largest black holes. 

Channeling this borrowed strength of the Empyreals and the raw power of void kith through their gauntlets, adept Nanoseers may fracture their minds, descending into insanity to control swarms made up of millions nanobots, known as nanites, to devastating effects. With this power, masterfully conduct your swarm in a broad stroke of purpose ranging from visual tricks to technical repairs to soul crushing attacks.


Nanoseers have access to the following skills:


Control of your swarm of nanites allows you to tamper with others’ bodies and minds, including your own. Develop and coordinate your swarm for a multitude of purposes, protecting you from harm, relaying data on a target, afflicting another spacer’s Wetwiring, or bashing away at their defenses. 


The skills available in NANOTECH include: 


Nanites Recharge your nanites.
Recall Call your nanites back to you.
Miniaturization Generate more nanites.
Replication Nanites replicate in cloning vats.


Swarm Overwhelm your foe with a swarm of nanites.
Confound Send the nanites to hit a nerve.
Distract Let them shake.
Multistrike Three strikes are better than one.
Eyestrike Go for the eyes!
Zap Disable their devices.
Sluggish Slow targets are easier to handle.
Echoing A condition not soon forgotten.
Multiswarm Send your nanites against everyone.
Wireblock Disable their wetwiring.
Mindswap Rewire their brain.
Delay Delayed action.
Affinity Improve the effects of your nanites.


Protect Have your nanites protect you from harm.
Intercept Intercept damage aiming at your vitals.
Counterzap Protect your nanites.


Alertness Who goes there?
Scan Survey the area.
Mislead It was not me!
Analyze Learn more about them.
Envelop Nanites have ears.
Relay Watch their every step.
Control Your wish is their command.


Rush Move like the wind.
Disarm It would not have exploded anyway.
Reconstruct Repair damage done to a prop.


Intricately connected to the power of void kith, you’ve seen the depths of the end and are now able to utilize it for your own means. Levitate, drain the life force from the room, freeze, and shatter your foes until you master the penultimate act of destruction: The vacuumsphere. 


The skills available in VOIDISM include: 


Levitate Rise into the air.
Pull Pull flyers back to the ground.
Airgrab Levitate an entity from above.
Release Release a levitating entity.
Propgrab Levitate a prop.
Propdrop Drop a levitating prop.
Hurl Hurl a prop away.
Drag Drag someone along with you.


Embrace Heal your body by embracing the void.
Strip Remove defenses.
Soothe Focus on healing your body and mind.
Minddrain Drain the mind.
Drain Drain resources to heal yourself.
Suffocate Drain the very air around your foe.
Extinguish Extinguish walls of fire.
Rattle Disrupt the healing of another.
Roomdrain Drain energy from everyone present.
Pax A complete halt to all activities.


Freeze Blast with the coldness of the Void.
Calm Soothe that which burns you.
Limbdrain Drain a limb.
Shatter Shatter a fully weakened foe.


Groundfreeze Freeze the ground.
Pointzero Augment your draining attacks.
Barrage Inflict damage to everyone.
Vacuumsphere All-encompassing emptiness.


Tap into the energies of the long-dead Empyreals and channel their powers. Use this connection to meddle with time, making it run faster or slower for everyone in your location. Feeling overwhelmed with afflictions? A wave of your hand allows you to share them with everyone else. Want to crush them for good? The Conquerer drives you into a frenzy of rage, dealing more damage to your enemies. Send them to the void - All it costs is your sanity.


The skills available in OBLIVION include: 


Channel Channel the Empyreal power.
Swap Instantly swap to another Empyreal.
Disrupt Disrupt the channeling of another.
Awareness Speed up your channeling.
Affinity Hurl yourself deeper into Oblivion.


The Conqueror
Conqueror Channel the power of the Conqueror.
Frenzy Drive yourself into a reckless frenzy.
Mindmelt Melt a weakened mind.
Maladies Spread the love. And maladies.
Jolt Reduce your cooldowns.


The Traveller
Traveller Channel the power of the Traveller.
Mark Mark a room, then travel to it later.
Speedup Speed kills.
Slowdown Slowness kills, too.
Timeline Manipulate the time itself.


The Architect
Architect Channel the power of the Architect.
Tranquility Enter the pacified torpor of the Void.
Efficiency Become more efficient.
Extend Extend the duration of your items.
Distribution We have enough pain for everyone.


The Progenitor
Progenitor Channel the power of the Progenitor.
Cure Cure a random effect.
Grounding Root everyone in place.
Negation No.
Interdict Declare the Interdict of the Progenitor.


The Sunderer
Sunderer Channel the power of the Sunderer.
Destruct Destroy an item.
Ripples Spread ripples through your foes.
Quake A mighty quake.
Breakdown Break down the Wetwiring of another.



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