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Organizational Logs

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Faction Engagement Missions

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just finished and released the Faction Engagement Missions – The Cerebral Augment Chambers. Each faction houses one of these titanic contraptions, the purpose of which is to enhance the mental and physical capabilities of all faction members via their mindsims and wetwiring. Through the CAC, you will perform…
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May Marvels!

May brought a ton of new things in Starmourn and you are missing out if you are not logging in to check them out! Ship Customization: a brand new feature that brings your ship off the Overhead Map and into the space station, where it can be looked at by yourself and, more importantly, by…
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Recent Events in Scatterhome

Oldtown. Flooded, abandoned, and destitute, the former heart of Haven City is now a slum for the poor, the dispossessed, and the forgotten. While most would never choose to call it home, for the resident Bushraki, it’s territory they’re willing to fight fiercely for when it’s threatened by outsiders seeking something of value. Will you…
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