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Starmourn Goes Back To School: Mixology, Multiclassing, and More!

This month, Starmourn invites you to sharpen your pencils and put your thinking caps on, because there’s a whole bunch of new things for you to cram into your brains. Get ready to read about new multiclassing options and tradeskills, along with a sneak peak about what’s coming later in the month! Multiclassing Starmourn has…
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Pirate Refineries and Autofactories

In the depths of space, unauthorized refineries and autofactories have been sighted, all of them belonging to rogue organizations or independent space pirates. Courageous space adventurers can now engage with these pirate installations and lay waste to their manufacturing and harvesting efforts and be generously rewarded for their efforts. Attacking one of these locations will…
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Music, Bands and Performance

The whole world is a stage… YOUR STAGE! You step up on the stage and the lights dim, a spotlight in the ceiling casting a cone of light on your frame. The audience quiets down. You focus for a few moments, gathering your wits and getting in the zone, relaxing your muscles as the song…
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