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Vihana, Rise

A look into Starmourn's next major feature drop: Vihana Facilities. Gather a team of up to 5 players and combat the rising Vihana threat through a roguelike-inspired PvE dungeon crawl.
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The haunting tradition is back – It’s time for Scare the Storytellers, 2022!

The Ishvana. Spoopy death cultists. Nanotube obsessed scientists. Those people you escort on station missions that ALWAYS seem to be up to no good. The hagda, in general… have you ever really LOOKED at a hagda? Don’t. There are things you cannot unsee. This year we wanted to start Scare The Storytellers, our annual Halloween…
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Find Yourself In The Next Newbie Challenge

Welcome, everyone, to the next Newbie Challenge! Whether you’re joining us for the first time or taking a swing at a new character, this is a great opportunity to dive in to all Starmourn has to offer. tl;dr Make a new character by Sept 30th and complete the challenges below to get 750 free credits!…
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