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Cosmpiercers: Fighting Each Other Ta-Deth

Cosmpiercers. These ancient sensor stations, created by the long-extinct Ta-Deth race, have been of interest to Y’saari researchers for years, to the point where the offered bounty for their capture and activation became a contentious divide among the factions. Recently, the Y’saari Archaeological Institute for the Study of Elder Races (YAISER), exposed the Cosmpiercer station…
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A Terminally Cool November

October is over. The Congregation of T’rath has been chased back to the shadows – for now. It’s a new month, and the citizens of Starmourn have new things to pay attention to. For the development team, a new month means a new theme!  Hey Starmourn, question for you: Who among you is mindlessly staring…
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Starmourn: On the Horizon

Over the next month or two, you can expect big changes to come to the internet’s favorite science fiction text-based game. From roleplay events to PVP overhauls to new enhancements and talents to earn for play after level 75, we’re working hard to deliver new and better content to our playerbase. Keep reading to learn…
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