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Exciting News! The Planet Rama Welcomes Visitors Once More

Exciting news travels swiftly through Starmourn Sector – the planet Rama, in the Atheni system, long since closed to outsiders, appears to be open to traffic for the first time in what historians say is centuries. Housing the last remnants of the Rek race, the ancient city of Hox has finally been revealed, along with…
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The Wreck of the Event Horizon

On the 20th of Milli, in the year 960 A.E., an experimental spacecraft was launched from Omni Station, bound for the far borders of the sector. Fitted with an experimental skipdrive, modified to use the temporal crystals that have become ubiquitous throughout the sector, the ship was populated with a crew of scientists and explorers,…
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Time Crisis in Starmourn

Breaking news from the Starmourn News Network! Over the past few weeks, citizens of the sector have come under assault by bizarre behaviors in the fabric of space and time. Reports are coming in from every faction about unplanned trips to what seems to be the past. People have claimed to see Oldtown before it…
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