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Battlespace, Battlebots, and more!

Wow, it’s June already! Time really got away from us over the past few months as the team has buckled down on a lot of really big projects we’ve all wanted to tackle for awhile. All the changes that have happened since March are available in game on our Announcements newsboard, but to keep the…
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How long will you streak in Starmourn!?

Hey Starmourners, if you like to play Starmourn every day, we have good news for you! If you WANT to play Starmourn every day, but needed more incentive to do so- we still have good news for you. (And if you don’t care, the good news is things aren’t going to change.) By now, you…
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Time Marches On!

Hello, Starmourners! It’s another month – March, to be precise. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the shipchanges we’ve all been working on! Don’t forget to give Damiel and Zersiax a whole lot of love for all their hard work, testing, and research. The new Storytellers are also busy – you might have been noticing a…
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