What's a Scoundrel?

"Good? Bad? I’m the one with the PIECE.


Scoundrels are quick on their feet, but the bombs they fling are even quicker. Whether slinking through shadows or out manipulating the masses, a Scoundrel operates with range thanks to a powerful combination of underbelly schemes and quick wits. Widely known for their usefulness in a gunfight, they’re masters of the Prion Industries Electroswitching Compact Eradicator (PIECE) style weaponry, explosives, and trickery with a knack for making use of their surroundings to maximum effect. 

Anyone looking for a fair fight better look elsewhere because the deck is stacked as soon as one of these gunslingers enters the room. If you're ready to take on the brand of a Scoundrel, you know that life's a gamble, and you're going to do whatever it takes to win.

Human Female Scoundrel

What can a Scoundrel do?

Armed with the bare necessities and a scheme, Scoundrels are known for firing a quick succession of attacks to turn the tide of battle. Customized ammo tips allow the fastest shots to stick afflictions, then follow up with a powerful haymaker or an IED applied directly to the back of the throat.

Scoundrels have access to the following skills:


Show ‘em what happens to those that get in your sights. Fire off your PIECE for near-impossible shots and reload combos with a wide variety of ammo types, building up to that perfect, until the final moment - A swift execution at point blank range. 

** While Prion Industries invented the PIECE, they've been out of business for decades. The name, however, has stuck.


The skills available in GUNSLINGING include: 


Crackshot Fire off your PIECE.
Detonate Fire at an IED, triggering it.
Pointblank A concussive, point-blank shot.
Rapidfire Why fire once, when you can fire twice?
Ironsights Aim down your iron sights.
Outgunned Take them all down.


Smart Ammo
Regular Armour-piercing ammunition.
Ammoselect Rapidly switch ammunition effects.
Impairing Mentally-impairing bullet tips.
Arcing Bullets fitted with mini EMP cores.
Disrupting Bullet tips that damage the senses.
Combusting Incendiary ammunition cores.
Weakening Ammunition tips that weakens the body.
Infusing Ammo tips with slow-release effects.
Amplifying Damage-increasing ammo tips.


Quickload Reload your pistol in the heat of battle.
Backflip Shoot your last bullet and escape with style.
Spin Reload quickly and prepare for your next shot.
Shellspill Roll your spent shells on the floor.
Eject Throw away an unspent magazine.


Trick shots
Gauge Shoot while moving between cover.
Cavein Bring down the roof.
Ambush Shoot first, always.
Unload Fire off all of your ammo in rapid succession.


Vigilant Fire upon enemies who draw near.
Bulletguard Take out incoming projectiles.
Overwatch Return fire on your foes.


No one said you had to play fair. Blind your opponent, smash their head into a table, trip and tie them up, or lob your favorite flaming cocktail right in their face to earn the upper hand and show them just how resourceful you can be. For the proactive sort, plant bugs across the sector to monitor and manipulate your opponents. Information is power, after all. 


The skills available in GUILE include: 


Pocketsand Toss sand into their eyes.
Suckerpunch Drive your fist into their gut.
Gritblast Blast them with grit while reloading.


Haymaker A powerful swing with your titanium knuckles.
Stim Heal yourself with stims.
Trip Send them reeling.
Bind Hog-tie your helpless target.
Pummel Beat them into a pulp.
Incite Incite a riot!
Facesmash Their face was already ugly to look at.


Underbelly tricks
Illegalmods Safety is overrated.
Bar Prevent traversal.
Improvisedcover Take cover where you can.
Jetwash Disturb the air around them.
Shoulderroll Roll from one cover to another.
Rouse Rally the troops.
Conceal Hide in plain sight.
Dash Sprint in a chosen direction.
Airstrike Call in an airstrike.
Firebomb Flaming liquor death.


Bugs Plant a bug.
Scan Assess the situation.
Track Who passed through here?
Multibug Tune into multiple bugs at once.
Wipetracks Disturb your tracks so nobody can follow you.
Visualbug Detect movement through your bugs.


Make them eat fire, you scoundrel. You love seeing things go BOOM and you’ve become a master of makeshift explosives. Through ingenuity and quick thinking, string up a network of tripwires, lob devastating poppers across the arena, or fling a rain of bombs at your foe, then walk away real slow as the explosion alights behind you.


The skills available in IMPROVISATION include: 


Bandoliers IED storage, with style.
Trigger Trigger your IED in the crowd.
Sweep Sweep for explosives.
Hide Carefully conceal an explosive device.
Slip Slip them an IED from on-high.
Tripwire They better watch their step.
Forcefeed Open wide!
Lob Send your IEDs flyin'.
Disarm No more bomb.
Multibomb Bigger boom, bigger smiles.


Fling Throw an IED while you reload.
Stickybomb Reload and place an adapted IED in one motion.
Construction Construct improvised explosives.
Wiring Wire it up for a 1-2-3 punch.
Timer Add a timer for delayed blasts.
Shrapnel Load your explosives with a painful punch.


Ripper Tear through flesh like butter.
Popper Send blasts high into the air.
Blinder Dull their senses with a powerful flash.
Piercer Fill the air with toxic darts.
Pusher Blast them away with a powerful wave.
Zapper Throw technology into disarray.
Shrieker Drive them to distraction.
Melter Spray corrosive acid around.
Sleeper Night night, princess.
Choker Unleash noxious gasses.
Distorter Impact their sense of time and space.

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