Far from the final frontier, the Starmourn Sector is a vast region of space full of solar systems, planets, moons, space stations, Void Gates, black holes and, well, quite a lot more. From your fully-customizable starships, you can gather and process minerals and gases, dogfight your way through incursions of spacefaring threats, hunt down (or become!) pirates, or even wage war against the fleets of rival factions.

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So how big is Starmourn Sector? 

In game terms, our space map is roughly 20,000 x 20,000, or about 400 million rooms - space is big, and we want it to feel that way. There are some regions of space that are kept off-limits, but that still leaves a staggeringly large amount of space. In Starmourn, starships use a technology called 'skipdrives' which take advantage of many short-range artificial wormhole jumps to dramatically shorten the actual distance they move.

What's in space? 

In addition to incursions and various mining opportunities which are discussed in other pages, we want to cover the physical locations you can encounter and even explore in the Starmourn Sector:

  • Space Stations - Important hubs of transportation and commerce, with vital services for players such as shipforges for resupplying your starship and cloning labs for you to respawn at should misadventure catch up with you. You can disembark at space stations to explore the territories they represent.
  • Void Gates - Create a network of ship-sized teleportation points around space, allowing starships to cross vast differences quickly. Most important systems contain a Void Gate, as civilizations have naturally evolved around these crucial transportation waypoints.
  • Cosmpiercers - Ancient observation and computational powerhouses left behind by a now-extinct Elder Race, cosmpiercers are important strategic resources for any faction. Check out Cosmpiercers for more about these objectives!
  • Major Asteroids - Large enough to contain a cargohold's worth of useful materials and are riddled with just enough structural faults to be relatively easy to mine, if you're brave enough to lay explosive mining charges on foot.
  • Pirate Stations - After engaging the pirates' (sometimes deadly) defenses and handling any other interested parties, adept pilots can infiltrate these elusive hubs to liberate stolen resources varying from raw resources to machined goods or supplies directly into their own cargo bays.
  • Racing Checkpoints - Relatively cheap to construct and deploy, racing checkpoints are used by pilots with a need for speed to coordinate high-octane races through the not-so-empty void of space.
  • Asteroid Fields - The bane of perfectly good flight plans and the tormentors of a fresh paint job, though some have just enough room to provide cover for careful pilots.
  • Suns / Planets / Moons - These celestial bodies make up the Starmourn universe as we know it, but don't provide suitable conditions for starships to land on; take an in-atmo shuttle from a nearby space station instead!
  • Small Asteroids and Gas Clouds - Harvestable elements that can be sold as raw goods on the market or refined into finished goods either for use or even greater profits.

We're so excited for you to dive into all the fun and challenge associated with space travel in the Starmourn Sector.

However, for those of you who are not ready to undertake this part of the adventure, it's also worth noting that there's a planet-based network of wormholes called Personal Teleporters (PTP) for players to move between planets without using ships. While this will get you to most of the places you want to visit, keep in mind that the PTP network doesn't extend everywhere that starships can get to.

Wanna see what space flight was like at launch?
Click below to watch a preview and know it's only gotten sweeter since then -

Things have changed a lot since launch in 2018, but wanted to save this fun throwback for you - Check out the original dev plan for the Starmourn Sector below!

Original dev map of Starmourn Sector.

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