What is a B.E.A.S.T.?

It's the name of one of Starmourn's classes, and stands for Biointerfacing Exoskeletal Assault Suit Tech/Technician (depending on whether you're referring to the suit or the operator).

These are shock troops that seek to overwhelm their opponents with a panoply of weapons and the enhanced strength granted to them by their suits.

A B.E.A.S.T.

What can a B.E.A.S.T. do?

You saw the picture, right? "Fuck you up" mostly covers it, but for those of you who demand tedious details, the B.E.A.S.T. has three skills, and each skill has many abilities in it.

The three skills of the B.E.A.S.T. are:

  • Plasmacasting - All about using their plasmacasters to do various things, including barbecuing victims.
  • Mech Weapons Platform - This involves using the other weapons mounted on a suit, including a railgun, a minigun, a missile launcher, a stabbing blade, a net launcher, and more. This skill also contains abilities that have you punching, crushing, and, in one of its instakills - literally ripping an opponent in half.
  • Suittech - Other abilities that a B.E.A.S.T. grants its operator, such as using the jumpjets, activating advanced life support, and balancing production of overcharge and plasma, the two class resources for this class.

There is, of course, much more to tell about this class, but we're only going to be providing this kind of preview for classes before we launch. Finding out all the juicy details will have to wait until then!

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