What is a B.E.A.S.T.?

A weapon for any situation, the armor to withstand it, and a creative flare that says it all. Yeah, that’s my Suit.” 


B.E.A.S.T.s (Biointerfacing Exoskeletal Assault Suit Technology) are shock troops that seek to overwhelm their opponents with a panoply of weapons and the enhanced strength granted to them by their suits. The B.E.A.S.T. class epitomizes aggression and tenacity, blending a potent blend of violence with tactical versatility, ensuring they are a force to be reckoned with in any confrontation.

Granted by the highly advanced and multifaceted nature of the custom suit development process, B.E.A.S.T.s are able to manipulate a mobile armory as well as shield, shove, tether, and pull their targets like ragdolls against the might of a ten ton hunk of steel. 

B.E.A.S.T. suits are highly customizable and often reflect the pilot manning it. Rumble across the crusty craters of a lost civilization as a heavy duty tanker, thunder through the forests as a sleek quadruped, or dance across the glaciers in a lightweight suit built for mobility. With all this power, the choice is yours.


A B.E.A.S.T.

What can a B.E.A.S.T. do?

You saw the picture, right? "Fuck you up" mostly covers it, but for those of you who demand tedious details, the B.E.A.S.T. has three skills, and each skill has many abilities in it.


B.E.A.S.T.s have access to the following skills:


Using their superheated plasma from suit-mounted tanks to incinerate foes, construct flaming barriers, suffocate targets in a cloud of acrid smoke, and even coat themselves in a layer of acrid flames for intimidating effect.


The skills available in PLASMACASTING include: 


Plasma Heat up your plasma tanks. 

Nozzle Control your plasma flow. 

Release Dump excess heat quickly. 

Consumption Superheat your tanks. 



Burn Fire a blast of plasma. 

Flash Blind your opponents with a flash of bright fire. 

Combust Set your foe ablaze. 

Sear Sear away their protections. 

Conflagrate Increase their suffering. 

Douse Coat them in volatile accelerant. 

Envelop Engulf your foe's cover. 

Incinerate Burn them to the ground. 


Room effects

Smoke Release an obscuring smoke. 

Opening Burn away the roof. 

Firewall Form a blazing wall of fire. 

Extinguish Reclaim heat from a firewall. 

Acridsmoke Blast plumes of acrid smoke. 

Inferno Unleash hell on your surroundings. 

Plasmacircle Form firewalls all around. 

Fan Fan the flames of the inferno. 



Resistance Shield yourself from the inferno. 

Plasmashield Heat your shield to resist draining attacks. 

Disentangle Singe those pesky entanglements off. 

Plasmablade Coat your wristblade in a nimbus of flame. 

Clearsight Supercharge your suit's optics. 

Cauterize Cauterize your bleeding wounds. 

Plasmawreathe Wreathe yourself in a nimbus of flame. 

Mobile Weapons Platform (MWP)

For the spacer that loves options, it’s time to rain fire down on your foes. All B.E.A.S.T. suits are equipped with a veritable armada of mobile weapons including a railgun, minigun, missile launcher, plasma blade, net launcher, and more.


The skills available in MWP include: 



Wristblade Stab them with your blade.

Sharpen Use the blade's razor-sharp side.

Serrate Rotate to the blade's serrated side.

Twist Stir their organs with your blade.

Tear Cause a vicious bleeding wound.



Minigun Mow them down.

Focusfire Offer no respite behind cover.

Vantage Take advantage of an elevated position.

Spoolup Keep your minigun spinning.

Pindown Pin down your foes with suppressing fire.


Missile launcher

Missiles Launch your tracer missiles.

Launch Launch a homing missile.

Raindown Rain down missiles from the air.

Incendiary Use incendiary warheads on your missiles.

Countermeasures Block attacks from afar.



Netlaunch Entangle them with your nets.

Wallop Sock them in the gut with an undeployed net.

Hooknet Bind them in a cruel, barbed net.

Airshot Launch your net high.

Tether Draw them into your location.



Railshot Release a high-velocity slug.

Headshot The sign of the master marksman.

Hobble Take them out at the knees.

Snipe Running won't help.

Dualshot Double the slugs.


Smash Drive them away with a powerful swing.

Deflect Redirect those projectiles.

Block Keep them out with your bulk.

Guardian Stand guard for your allies.

Protect Protect an ally from harm.


All the other tech built into a B.E.A.S.T. suit which might not be explicit weaponry, such as jumpjets, advanced life support, and balancing production of plasma, the primary resource for this class. Punch, crush, and even physically rip an opponent in half - Whatever your beastly heart desires.


The skills available in SUITTECH include:


Suit Basic usage of your suit.

Jumpjets Take to the air with your suit's jumpjets.

Examine Examine your target's health.

Support Activate emergency life support.

Hotswap Swap your mounted weapons instantly.

Radar Scan for nearby targets.

Propel Blast off to somewhere else.

Routing Route power to various suit subsystems.

Overclock Overload your B.E.A.S.T..


Suit attacks

Backhand A servo-assisted backhand.

Boot Drive your armored foot into their torso.

Armvice Crush their arms in your suit's massive grip.

Pulse Fry their electronics.

Legclamp Turn their legbones to dust.

Grapple Grind a flying foe into the ground.

Rumble Pound the ground with your fists.

Pound Swing a prone foe in an overhead arc.

Routine Pain automators online.

Discharge Vent excess charge as a weapon.

Sunder Rip them asunder.



Ramset Ensure traction by locking onto the ground.

Steady Lock yourself in position.

Jamming Jam scanning attempts.

Contingency Program the failsafes on your B.E.A.S.T.

Watch Keep a constant scan up for danger.

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