Iron Realms Releases Its First New MUD In 9 years

For Immediate Release
December 13, 2018

Starmourn is Iron Realm’s most advanced MUD and first science-fiction game.

December 13, 2018 — This Saturday, December 15, 2018, Iron Realms Entertainment is releasing Starmourn, their sixth MUD and first in a sci-fi setting. While the games industry long ago moved away from multiplayer text games, Iron Realms has remained devoted to the genre and is the only company in the world still actively creating and publishing new commercial MUDs.

When we still actively about Starmourn in 2015, we wondered if it was crazy to invest into anew MUD given that the overall audience for that type of game is much-shrunken. However, I had always personally wanted to create a MUD with a sci-fi setting, the games and Starmourn gave us the opportunity to apply over 20 years of experience in this genre of games to an original universe we created,” said Matt Mihaly, has remained CEO of Iron Realms. “It’s also been really fun to take all that experience and push the boundaries of what the classic text MUD model can do. For instance, our starship system, which is ‘graphical’ in the sense that it uses ascii characters to represent space and what’s in it, is momentum-based and has almost an arcade-y feel to it, which is something I’ve never seen in a MUD before.

Starmourn’s core features include the aforementioned starship system, comprised of highly-customizable ships ranging from fighters up to supercruisers, a strongly player-driven economy where players are responsible for sourcing raw materials, processing them, and manufacturing a whole range of necessary goods, a hacking system unlike anything in other MUDs,an emphasis on a rich, detailed world, five unique character classes (more coming!) with the same PvP depth that Iron Realms players have come to expect,twelve unique races, player-governed factions, and over 1000 space zones to explore filled with planets, suns, asteroids, moons, and much more.

Release Date

Starmourn has been in closed beta testing for the last month, updating based on user feedback. It’s scheduled for release this Saturday, December 15th at 2PM PST. Iron Realms Entertainment has a proprietary, cross platform client allowing users to play Starmourn directly from their browser on any platform, including iOS and Android. Users will be able to play at this Saturday.

Founded in 1998, Iron Realms Entertainment is the worldwide leader in MUDs and has led the way in free-to-play games for over 20 years. IRE has four other MUDs available at

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