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Development News

Coming Soon: The Starmourn Tutorial Is Getting A Glow-Up

March 26, 2024
Two black pyramids almost touching at their bases with a burst of light emerging from the center.

The Admin team has been working hard on the new tutorial, testing along the way and taking care to ensure all your feedback is being brought into account. We’ve broken the tutorial out into three key phases for development, loosely summarized as follows: Phase One of the tutorial is COMPLETE! This covers the initial entrance…

New Racial Greeting Emotes for Cultural RP

March 6, 2024

Hey Starmourn Sector! 👋 👽 New racial emotes are now available for all races to complete a culturally derived GREETING to other spacers. More info, including all racial emotes, is available in HELP RACIAL EMOTES. RACIAL GREETINGS RACE EMOTE INPUT Amaian LIFTHAND Belaul BELAULGREET Bushraki MODBOAST Decheeran DECHGREET Elgan ELGANGREET (Response: LINKARMS) Human HANDCLASP Jin…

Make your mark on the NEW tutorial area!

February 26, 2024
iridescent hued lightbulb on its side

As work continues on the revised tutorial area, we’re offering our community the chance to have their ideas implemented in lore and for new players to experience going forward. Check it out!

Your Time to Shine: Roleplay Bounty in Effect Through February 29th!

February 1, 2024

The Starmourn admin team has issued a Leap Year RP Bounty! Submit your RP Request by February 29th for priority review on your admin-assisted RP event. Click the link to learn more!

Come Chat With Us

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Shen - final - no background

Game Features

Elaborate Starships

Celestine Ascendancy missile cruiser.

Pilot increasingly-powerful, highly-configurable starships for battle, exploration, asteroid mining.

Deep PvP Combat


As with all Iron Realms MUDs, our PvP combat is deep and broad, with hundreds of abilities.

Epic Universe

Starmourn Janilyn

An all-original universe with over 50 alien races and civilizations and a detailed history and setting.


Diverse Classes

B.E.A.S.T. - reduced

Five initial character classes, ranging from armor-clad B.E.A.S.T.S. to void kith using Nanoseers.

Male Ry’nari - final - no background

Player Crafting


Player crafted clothing, jewelry, food and drink, starship mods, and more. Create truly unique items!



Customize everything from your eye or feathers (where applicable) color, your age, even your weight.



Starmourn is a MUD that's roleplay-encouraged, meaning we won't force you, but hope you do.

Click below to watch the OG launch trailer from 2018!