The Y'saari – an Elder Race – and an update on hacking

I just added an entry on the Y’saari, whose currency – the Covenant Mark – underlies the economy of Starmourn, to the NPC Races page. Enjoy!


Y'saari concept sketches.

Y’saari concept sketches.

As you can see from the final, he pretty much nailed what I wanted right away.

Final Y'saari concept.

Final Y’saari concept.


Also, I talked about hacking in my last post and I’m pleased to say I figured out something that I think is going to be really, really cool. There’ll actually be three different types of hacking, from the near-instant to methods that are more involved and will actually be pretty hard to fully script (that is a good thing). Really psyched about it!

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  1. Sairys on December 7, 2016 at 7:21 am

    Was just reading over things again today, the NPC race section is making me wonder if we might see more “sector-wide” npc reputation.

    Like, maybe the Vronikin Kel have a faction that’s working on each of the player civ home worlds. Disrupting their operations repeatedly on Glisal II and Song could mean that if you stumble across them in Scatterhome that group might attack you on sight.

    Just seems like it might work with concepts like Megacorps from Shadowrun or the Alliance from Firefly. If you annoy the Y’saari maybe things go bad for you? Though they seem like that might be hard to achieve.

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