Cyborg Cyber Monday is here! A new Bushraki Artifact and more…

Helloooo Cyborgs!

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad from Pexels

Just a little update before we dive headlong into December. We’ve been hard at work on new artifacts, systems and content for you all these past few months and I think Neritus is gonna post a whole post about all of that, but I’m just dropping by to say I’m super excited about the new artifact we’ve just dropped for Cyborg Monday.

The galactic forerunners in body modification, The M0DIF1KA Collective, a Bushraki organization based in New Dikamazi, have created a brand new body mod, now compatible with every race in the sector!

Introducing… The ‘M0DIF1KA R-153’ – fully integrated rocket wings!

Image by Pete Linforth


Crafted from charcoal brushed paristeel by master Bushraki modders The M0DIF1KA Collective in New Dikamazi, these mechanized wings are implanted in the body subdermally, fusing with the wearer’s shoulders and wetwiring system to be a fully integrated modification.

The primary, secondary and scapular thermoregulated rocket boosters will allow their owner to fly, no matter their class skills, even up to the mid elevation within the winding tunnels of their creator’s home asteroid, or indoors anywhere else, for that matter.

MODIFICATION <INSTALL/UNINSTALL> WINGS is the command you’ll need to surgically implant the modification into your body, and they will show in your desc in the brand new ‘Body mods’ section on your LOOK description.

Once the wings are installed, they will:

  • Activate the bhrk_wings artifact.
  • Only work for you.
  • Will allow you to FLY no matter where you are, and what your class skills are.
  • Only one pair of wings can be installed at a time, but you can buy multiple pairs if you have more than one character, at a discounted price (an additional 20% off for every extra pair you buy, up to three!)
  • In order to do this, you need to purchase the number required via the ‘Artifact Packages’ tab on the credits page and then in-game you’ll be able to CONSIGN <wings#> <NAME> to send them to an alt.
  • You may only consign artifact items to characters on the same registration.

This very special artifact is available to buy direct just for today, but I’m sure it will appear again as a promo item, as it’s way too good to only drop for one day.

Some of the keen-sighted among you might also be wondering whether this paves the way for more body modification shenanigans… well… I am here right now to absolutely not deny that at all! There’s a new body mod slot available on your descriptions, and we fully intend to use it! (Not like that, you heathens).

Stay tuned for a Winterflame extravaganza in December, with a whole heap of new artifacts, rewards and the long-awaited release of Habitations!

Happy swooping,

Damiel and the Starmourn team

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