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Announcements News Post #100

Happy New Year!

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Wednesday, January 1st, 2020
Addressed to:

Happy new year Starmourners!

A new year has rolled around and we are very excited to begin it alongside you all. So happy, in fact, that we're running a 30% credit price reduction on all credit purchases on the website.

Alongside this, our friends from the Mindsim Unlimited Diversionary Simulcast (M.U.D.S. for short), who run a galaxy wide entertainment network, have opened up their Mission Control game for us all. Each faction capital (and Almasi) has a Mission Control gameroom (visible on LANDMARKS) where you might play the game. To play, you will need a missile battery, an item that can be obtained from the website.
Alternatively, you can assemble batteries from 10 individual missiles that you can collect by either completing the daily xenozoo bounty (1-3 missiles) or by listening in to the M.U.D.S. channel that broadcasts whenever someone plays the game (each time someone plays, there's a chance you can win a missile).
The game itself consists of you choosing a sector on a 10x10 grid and blasting the enemy found therein with your missile. Each sector on the grid contains a prize. Once you are in a Mission Control room, the MISSIONCONTROL command will tell you more. Unlike other promotions, you can see at any time what the prizes are for each grid (via MISSIONCONTROL PRIZES) and how many of each are left in a grid (since each sector contains a prize, it's guaranteed that each grid contains all prizes). Grids reset when either all prizes are won or when the total value of prizes left falls beneath a certain threshold (we need to keep things fresh).

For more info, check out HELP MISSIONCONTROL.

Now, you might see some new prizes on the list, and those are:
- Combat Analyzer (Artifact) - Increases experience gains when you kill another player by 33%
- H.E.T.E. Military Discounts (Artifact) - Reduces mark costs on death by 90% if killed by another player (Does not stack with the usual 90% discounts offered by cosmpiercers/caches).
- Faction Combat Pride (Artifact) - Replaces the standard kill message on deathsight with a factional themed one. This will not override instakill messages.
- Cleanbot - Drop it on your ship and it will go about cleaning your rooms. (Yes, this is a sci-fi roomba)
- New bobbleheads of all battlemasters

Alongside these, you'll find a lot of older toys, gadgets and arties. Expect the stock to change throughout the month. Also, expect new ways to gain missiles for batteries to pop up throughout the month as well.

Note: If you don't want to listen to the M.U.D.S. channel, you can toggle it off via the CONFIG menu.

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