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Announcements News Post #103

February in Starmourn.

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Saturday, February 1st, 2020
Addressed to:

Greetings Starmourners,

February in Starmourn is all about Love, Death & Robots! The last two are intermingled... poor robots. That part will be ready next week, the Love part is about this month's promo and it is ready today.

So let's talk Love! Amory Industries (a subdivision of SparkleJoy Inc.) are running a rather unorthodox viral marketing campaign that involves shooting other people with nanite-infused darts that cause all sort of weird, almost erotic hallucinations. This is, obviously, to promote their brand!

Darts are available to purchase on the website and, once you have them, you can use the AMORY command to see the syntax. Every time you shoot someone, you rack up a reward point. At any time, you may AMORY REDEEM to cash in the reward points you accumulated. Depending on how many shots you have to claim you will get:

- For every 25 shots you get a Perilous Passion box (prizes worth at least 375 credits)
- For every 5 shots you get a Lucky Lovers box (prizes worth at least 125 credits)
- For every 1 shot you get a Fabulous Friendship box (prizes worth at least 15 credits)

The system will automatically give you the best boxes, so if you have shot 32 darts, you will get a Passion box, a Lovers box and 2 Friendship boxes.
Prizes differ for each box type and include:

Perilous Passion
- 375 credits
- 550 credits
- 600 credits
- a random major artifact worth 800 credits
- a Heartbeat Sensor - This is the first artifact that you need to link to a person. You can only link artifacts like this to mutual allies. You may re-link at any time. The Heartbeat Sensor allows you to TRAVEL TO <person>, provided the person is (still) a mutual ally and within the same celestial body (not only area) as you. There is a 3 second channel to this action. The person you link to has the same ability as you. You may have multiple Heartbeat Sensors, each linked to a different person
- a Heartbleed(tm) device - Every time you take bleeding damage, half of this damage is stored in the Heartbleed receptacle. At any time, you may use HEARTBLEED HEAL [target] to heal yourself or a person in your room with the total amount of stored lifeforce. You may only store up to half your health total.
- Gravitic Leg Augments - gives a 50% to resist forced movement attempts

Lucky Lovers
- 70 credits
- 150 credits
- 750 lessons
- a minor artifact (worth 100cr)
- a small artifact (worth 250cr)
- a Fabulous Friendship box
- a Singularity Theory - XP artifact
- a Neural Blinder - This artifact automatically interrupts mob wind-up attacks every 20 seconds. This is a passive ability that takes no balance

Fabulous Friendship
- 12 credits
- 15 credits
- 25 credits
- 28,000 marks
- Extra Ally/Enemy list artifact (this can be purchased at any time for 50 credits from the normal artie list)
- a Heart of the Stars zine containing a set of themed customizations
- 5 Amory tokens (worth 10 credits)

Remember all boxes have a minimum value (30, 250, 750) so if you get a prize worth less than the maximum, the box will grant you another and another until you reach at least the minimum threshold.

Now, what are the Amory tokens that you gain from Fabulous Frienship boxes? First up, every time you shoot someone, that person will gain 2 tokens (after a while...the nanite dart does, after all, give you some hallucinations). The daily xenozoo bounty also grants 1 token.
Tokens can be used in the Amory shop to buy all sorts of ...themed... items. These include:
- a heart-shaped box of chocolates
- a drawstring bag of candy hearts
- a cut-glass bottle of perfume
- pink/black satin blindfolds
- fluffy/metal handcuffs
- a heart-shaped red pulsefish
- a pair of eight-sided fortuity dice
- a Warmaster 5000 bobblehead assembly frame - This bobblehead is turned into a proper Warmaster 5000 bobblehead by combining five other bobbleheads.

The Amory shop can be found by going in from Amor Valentine at Omni Station.

Also, every day, the person who shot the most arrows will receive a 25 credits bonus and the person who has been shot by the highest number of different people will also receive 25 credits. You can check your status at any time by using the AMORY command.

Have fun and remember, you are loved!

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