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Announcements News Post #106

Happy Valentine's Day.

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Friday, February 14th, 2020
Addressed to:

Happy Valentine's Day, Starmourn!

We certainly love you all and we're going to show that with a 40% bonus credits on every purchase for Valentine's Day and the weekend. This goes up to 50% with the Iron Elite Membership. (Have you noticed how awesome the membership is getting these days? And there'll be more updates to it very very soon.)

And what might you do with these credits you're buying? Well...whatever you want really, but we're going to draw your attention to these here auctions we're opening up for the next 8 days (192 hours). See HELP AUCTIONS to learn more about auctions.


- %7Ahnsang's Halo (Custom Ship)% - After decades of study and labor, YAISER (The Yu0019saari Archaeological Institute for the Study of Elder Races) is proud to announce that their Cultural Expansion and Oversight Committee has completed work on a fully functioning, life-sized replica of a Ta-Dethian "light vessel". Based on blueprints uncovered in a Ta-Deth ruin, this ship is designed to float effortlessly through the stars on solar winds. Within the ship are multiple, beautiful chambers dedicated to the appreciation and preservation of life. Though it is not a true Ta-Dethian artifact (that would be crazy), and has been configured to run using modern power sources, the materials and craftsmanship of this replica have all been carefully sourced to be as historically accurate as possible. The Y'Saari offer "Ahnsang's Halo" to a captain worthy of her irridescent sails.

- %7Crazy Jerry's Love Yacht (Custom Ship)% - After a booming retail quarter, Crazy Jerry has found himself richer than ever, and has decided to upgrade his fleet of pleasure cruisers. A moment of pure whimsy has led the mega-capitalist to decide to auction off the vessel he is replacing. "The Face of Cydonia" is a sleek but spacious ship, with staterooms for your favorite guests, a ballroom, a swimming pool, and a full bar kept stocked and serviced by the on-board mixologist (included!) It should be noted that what is secondhand to someone like Crazy Jerry is beyond the wildest dreams of everyone else.

- %7Diamond Belt Retail Space (Shop)% - Sell your wares among the rarest of the rare. The Almasi Asteroid, located in the Diamond Belt, has a valueable vacancy located within walking distance of the spaceport, and is looking for a new retail tenant. Rub elbows, wings, or tentacles with the elite of Starmourn Sector, and gain the prestige of knowing you're selling your goods on a diamond the size of the Blood Ark.

- %7Usum Usutti Recreation House (erm...Love House Business)% - The restless rich of Usum Usutti have grown tired of hunting Rapasu worms and coroxodon. The Shen Tourism Board has rezoned a portion of the main camp's boardwalk for recreational pursuits, and is looking for a new tenant interested in managing a selection of exotic, carnal delights. For a small price, visitors will be able to enjoy a night of pleasure with one of the House's offerings, the profits of which will go to the manager.

- %7Custom Perfume Bottle% - This unlimited-use perfume bottle will come with the fragrance of your choice.

- %7Hydroponic Planter% - Grow the plant of your choice in this hydroponic planter, and enjoy the results of your gardening labors as you harvest fruit, flowers, and seeds from your exotic cultivar.

- %7Signal Jammer% - The Signal Jammer blocks all bugs and other listening abilities (such as nanoseer's envelop or relay) from spying on you

- %7Any artifact power% - Any non auction artifact power from our artifact list (this can include promo artifacts)

- %7Custom Pet%

- %7Custom NPC%

- %7A Crafter's Omnipass%


- %7Custom Fish% (There are two of these)
- %7A custom holographic billboard% - Are the ad projectors just not cutting it and you want to go to the next level? Then this custom, holographic billboard might be for you. Display your message, ad or ideology for all that enter a specific room to see! Now in many many colors.
- %7 25 Amory Darts%
- %7 Any normal, non-promo artifact worth up to 500cr% (There are two of these)
- %7 Nanite Compression Chamber% - This is a really big bag. 250 items capacity
- %7 A custom RP item of your choice% - This can have up to 5 interactions, will be resetting and non-decay. Can offer you no mechanical benefits
- %7 A set of Singularity Theory artifacts%

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