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Announcements News Post #107

Daily Credits.

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Tuesday, February 25th, 2020
Addressed to:

Greetings Starmourners,

We've got some awesome news today!
Starmourn is now introducing a way for all players to gain up to 20 BOUND Credits each RL day. Performing various tasks in game will reward you with 1-2 bound credits, up to the aforementioned cap. You can easily keep track of the list of tasks and your progress within those tasks with the %7DAILYCREDITS% command. The status resets every day at Sync.

There are a few repeatable tasks that you can do several times a day, but they will give half the reward (so 1 credit) after you complete them the first time. These tasks are marked on your Daily Credit status in the appropriate column.

The current task set is as follows:

1 Fulfill the daily Xeno bounty - 1 credit
2 Complete any 10 quests (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits
3 Hack 10 points worth of terminals - 2 credits (Level 1-5 terminals award 1 point, 5-10 award 2 points and 10+ award 3 points)
4 Harvest a Ta-deth crystal - 2 credits
5 Win a duel - 2 credits
6 Kill 100 mobs (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits
7 Kill 5 enemies in incursions (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits
8 Have a design approved - 1 credit
9 Refine 5 asteroids/gas scoops (REPEATABLE) - 2 credits (This counts when you queue up the goods)
10 Complete 2 performances - 1 credit
11 Craft 10 items - 1 credit (This refers to items crafted via tradeskills)

We'll be monitoring this system over the next few weeks and make adjustments and fixes as necessary! Enjoy and have fun!

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