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Announcements News Post #110


Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Friday, March 20th, 2020
Addressed to:

Fantom Laboratories have set up facilities on Krell, Kovalar and Delphi and have reached out to us with worrying news. It seems that, due to unknown circumstances, certain creatures in the wildernesses of the galaxy have begun exhibiting abnormal behaviors and enhanced physical and mental abilities.

The fine people at Fantom have vowed to help keep the galaxy safe from these threats and to find out what lies at the root of these mutations. They are calling upon able-bodied hunters to bring these things down as they appear and bring them the corpses for scientific study. They will kindly let everyone know when a new specimen is spotted...

Enter the Xenoslayers (you)

Periodically, a random mob from a wilderness somewhere in game will be elevated to either Betarch or Apex status. This status will enhance that mob until its death and grant it new powers. A Betarch will receive one power, while an Apex will receive two powers. Alongside these powers, the creatures themselves will be tougher to kill and will deal more damage. If you probe them, you will see what powers they currently have. These can be:

* poisonous - they will reduce all healing effectiveness on their target
* vengeful - they will retaliate after each hit, reflecting a portion of the taken damage
* toxic - they will afflict with a group of balance slowing affs
* berserking - the more wounded they are, the more damage and attack speed they gain
* elusive - they will have a chance to dodge your attacks (like the DODGE talent)
* ravenous - they will heal for a portion of the damage they deal

Every time a new creature like this appears, it will be announced on the Conflict channel. So you know what that means! The creature is up for grabs, no rules! (This means it's open PK). However, be warned that the intention behind these creatures is that it should be almost impossible to take on by yourselves, so bring friends (Adjustments to their power will be made until a balance is reached).

Ok, but why should you care?
Killing these creatures rewards MUCH more experience than normal, better drops and there's a guaranteed loot token for each kill. Also, Fantom Laboratories are interested in the corpse (for science!), so whoever will deliver the dead creature to one of their labs (Krell, Kovalar or Delphi) will gain a mark reward and good standing with Fantom (you might want this for the future...). If you're looking to redeem your loot tokens, each lab has a secretary or accountant that will help you with this and each lab grants a different lootset from the past.

There can only be a limited number of these rare creatures in game, so if you don't see any new spawns for a while, it means that there are already enough in the world. In time, you might learn to track these down yourselves, with Fantom Labs' help.

P.S: There's a RANKINGS XENOSLAYERS for top monster slayers!

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