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Announcements News Post #143

Crafty crafting fun!

Written by: Sonic Savant Damiel
Date: Tuesday, October 13th, 2020
Addressed to:

Hello there my little creatures of the night, ghouls and ghasts,

I have been working hard this week to make some changes to tradeskills!

- Firstly, I have added 172 (!) more design types across the tradeskills.

- I have balanced the base costs for jewelry, fashion and furnishing. There was some gaping disparity between some tradeskills which has been rectified. In most cases this means it has become cheaper to craft your items. HOWEVER - Jewelers some of yours have now increased! Please check your trade terminal stock to make sure your items are priced accordingly. Chefs and mixologists, your crafting costs have stayed the same.

- You may also now notice a value field in your designs. At present this can only be set by admin (though were working on making it something you can decide at submission stage) but if you think your item should be low or high priced before it is, you can let us know by adding a comment to your design (DESIGN ADDCOMMENT <#> <message>). It can be set to low, medium or high, which modifies that items basecost (your crafting fee) to 75%, 100% or 150%, for super cheap and extra expensive items. DO NOTE that admin may also increase or decrease the value of your design (for example we might decide an elaborate titanium and diamond hairband might be high priced, or we might deem a noodle tube necklace to be low).

- Stocked some takeaway cups and aluminum cans in the mixology shops.

- Behind the scenes: a few more clothing slots have been added to make some of these new designs possible, and we changed the mechanic so that jewelry and clothing items dont necessarily have to only have wear and remove messages.

- In celebration I made some bubblegum and stocked it in:
---Protagoras Conveniences (Song City)
---Jittaq's Souvenirs (Litharge)
---Whittler's Imports and Foodstuffs (Haven City)
(Actually, I lie, I did that first and its what sparked this whole thing in the first place.)
---You can also make gum yourself now if you are a Cuisine person! You can even blow bubbles with it!
More development on this whole system still to come!

As always, if you have any questions or specific requests send me a message, or submit ideas via the ideas system.

Happy crafting everyone!

Damiel xoxo

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