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Announcements News Post #188

Mind Changes.

Written by: World Engineer Senzei
Date: Wednesday, February 10th, 2021
Addressed to:

Hello again!

Mind changes are now live.

- Stupidity and Forgetfulness have been combined, moving to where forgetfulness already was.
- Stupidity has been replaced with sensitivity, which causes 15% of subsystem damage taken to reflect into adjacent systems.
- Confusion has been changed: Confusion is now a 25% chance to fire when attacking someone. When it fires it deals damage and 1.5s balance loss. The balance loss may only fire once every 12 seconds, it has its own cooldown.

As always, I will be monitoring for issues and encourage people to test them. Confusion specifically is intended to give nanoseers a little more love, with a MIND on improvement, ahahaha. I am hilarious.


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