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Announcements News Post #32

Bounty Hunters.

Written by: Tecton, the Singularity
Date: Wednesday, February 20th, 2019
Addressed to:

We're pleased to announce the release of the Bounty Hunter system, a way to offload the messy (but fun) job of enacting your revenge against other players!

The system serves as a tool where players who have roleplay justification (see HELP PK) to seek in-character resolution for wrongful deaths by hiring a merc to go an blow their head off. For more information about becoming or hiring a bounty hunter, please see HELP BOUNTY HUNTERS.

As this system now exists, we expect that players will use it for resolving matters involving wrongful PvP, and we will likely dismiss any ISSUES revolving around a single death or attack. Naturally, if the matter goes deeper (into harassment or griefing), please continue to let the admin team know via ISSUE, as this behavior is not tolerated.

We've got some more additional features (rankings, as well as some other fun additions) coming down the line too, making Bounty Hunting even more enjoyable!

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