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Announcements News Post #40

Meet Your New Storytellers!

Written by: Starmaker Eukelade
Date: Saturday, March 30th, 2019
Addressed to:

Even though Tecton is leaving us, I'm nonetheless happy to announce that Starmourn has recently brought on an active and vibrant team of volunteer staff members who will be working hard to get to know the playerbase and bring the world to life for them.

We are breaking new ground here that many older MUDs have already established with regards to staff and player relations. The procedures and methods for how Starmourn's story is told will grow with the gameworld, its players, and its staff. Your patience is appreciated as we get the wheels turning on running events and responding to the roleplay that you create!

To that end, please meet your new Storytellers! These Storytellers will be responsible for overseeing specific areas of the game. You should consider them your 'go to' contact for any "large" matters related to your character's life or organizations.

Soren will be overseeing Scatterhome.
Yimh will be overseeing the Song Dominion
Hroden will be overseeing the Celestine Ascendancy
Iobai will be overseeing non-faction players and non-factional space


Players, especially players in leadership roles, are encouraged to reach out and send a message to the storyteller assigned to their faction (or non-faction!). Keep in mind that Storytellers will be doing what their role implies - telling stories. While they're helpful, they are not here to create a new class at your request or hand out a 500% Damage Kithblade of Ultimate Beheading for free.

Things you could include in a preliminary 'get to know you' type of report:

- What your character does
- What your character's motivations are
- What organizations your character is involved in
- What you hope to accomplish with that character

There are a lot of you, and not a lot of us - so be brief with your messages! And please treat them kindly - they are here to make the game more fun for everyone.

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