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Announcements News Post #52

Ship Customizations and May Promotion!

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Wednesday, May 1st, 2019
Addressed to:

Greetings, Starmourners!

The beginning of May brings a new content release for Starmourn, as well as a new promotion in the form of shipping crates. This month in Starmourn, we are all ships, all the time!

We invite players to explore the options they have for ship customization (by using SHIP DESIGN on your ships), a brand new feature that brings your ship off the Overhead Map and into the space station, where it can be looked at by yourself and, more importantly, by others.

Like your character's appearance, you can describe your ship with a paragraph of text, as well as pimp your ship's look with dozens of options available in station chop shops across the galaxy. Kit it out with snazzy paint colors and finishes, exciting wing and hull shapes, and thematic decals that you can combine to make your ship unique - and uniquely yours.

You will also notice that docking areas in stations have just gotten a little more lively, allowing you to see just how many ships are currently docked. We've also updated the STATION SHIPS ALL command with a snazzy new look, allowing you to peruse the ships docked at the station. If any ship catches your fancy, you can inspect it via SHIP DISPLAY <ship id>.

In addition to the station options available to everyone, ship customization datashards can be found in this month's promotional chests. These are filled with colors, finishes, decals, and more - collect them all to be the envy of the stars!

Other notable items available in this month's promotional chests:

NeuroPremonition Sensors - This experimental piece of ship technology is essentialy a hostile personnel radar, available as an aftermarket installation on your vessel. This unique detection device will alert you to the presence of enemies nearby - if someone you are at odds with enters the same star system as you, this item will make sure you always have the upper hand. (This artifact must be linked to your ship)

An Y'saari Voidgate Permit - It is not often that the mighty Y'saari will condescend to barter with the lesser races, but for a few valued individuals, they have consented to make a deal. Someone holding their permit will be allowed their ships to pass through voidgates free of charge. (This artifact must be linked to your ship)

A destroyer's broadcaster - This item can be installed on your ship to transmit an altered signal proclaiming your deeds throughout the sector whenever you successfully destroy another ship. To use it, simply hold the item, and use the 'SHIP DESIGN DEATHSIGHT' option when standing in a ship docked at a chopshop.

A food preservation unit - Tired of all your food spoiling? This appliance is built using the same technology medical corporations use to keep people in cold storage. If it works for sentient beings, you better believe it will work to keep your vegan sashtar or your bloody zhubeast steak as fresh as the day you made it.

Also available are toy spaceships that your pets will love to play with, air fresheners, and bobblehead dolls, all of them perfect for enhancing the bridge of your vessel with a little personality.

Don't miss out on the chance to grab an experience buff, a random weapon or armor mod, credits, marks, and more!
And because we wanted our chests to be extra juicy, each of them contains THREE prizes instead the usual one. So you might win a Voidgate permit alongside a captaincy xp buff and a couple of credits to go with it. Or you might find yourself the owner a new experimental sensor unit, some toys for your ship and some marks to treat yourself to a nice dinner, all in the same chest.

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