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Announcements News Post #54

Cosmpiercer Updates.

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Friday, May 3rd, 2019
Addressed to:

Greetings everyone!

We've made some changes to the way Cosmpiercer battles work and we'd like to share how them with you all. Before we get into this though, I just want to bring up a quick point. In general, if you happen to stumble across a mechanic or system that works in such a way that it brings about some over the top consequences, you can be quite certain that that mechanic or system is probably not intended to work that way. And even if you bug it or issue it, it doesn't mean that it is okay to keep using it until the problem is fixed. We do our best to address all problems as quickly as possible, but while we do so, making use of unintended mechanics or bugs is really not okay.

Onwards to Cosmpiercers!

- The main purpose of guards has been to slow down a piercer's capture and to give defenders the time they need to mount a defense, as well as to separate piercers into tiers of difficulty. This has not exactly been working out as intended so, for now, we've removed guards altogether
- Capturing a cosmpiercer works a bit differently now. In order to assert dominance, you must capture and HOLD the terminals while they completely dismantle the defences and convert the piercer to your cause. Each second a terminal is under your faction's controls, it generates points towards victory. The more terminals you hold, the faster the points accrue. If a faction holds all terminals, point gain is doubled. If the opposing faction gains controls of terminals, you begin to lose points and if the points reach 0, the other faction begins to gain control over the cosmpiercer and they start getting points towards victory.
- An assault on a Cosmpiercer lasts for 30 minutes or until one side reaches its target points. If no side is victorious within 30 minutes, the Cosmpiercer is considered defended.
- COSMPIERCER INFO will now display the assault status of the piercer, in addition to its usual information

Have fun and let us know your thoughts!

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