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Public News Post #155


Written by: Clover
Date: Thursday, March 7th, 2019
Addressed to:

(A video starts with some soft, cheerful music and unprofessional home video footage of animals in their natural habitats. A great strider stands peacefully in the Fields of Oranc. A well fed feracht and her kittens walk through the streets of Gallen III. A beautiful rosewing ruffles its feathers, blinking its three eyes. The video fades out.)

(A young human girl adjusts the camera angle shakily, then moves to brush her ash blonde hair out of her eyes. She tucks her hair behind her ear, collects herself, then smiles brightly. She waves excitedly, and just a bit nervously, at the camera. The background of the video is just her standard issue ship, which she at least attempted to clean for this video. The production value of this holovid is obviously very low.)

Hi, friends! I'm Clover, and I just want to...

(She looks down, appearing to be glancing at some notes. She looks back up, smiles quickly and almost apologetically, and continues.), to tell you all about my new line of clothing and accessories! They're all handmade and animal friendly. I use materials that are as natural and eco friendly as I possibly can, and I NEVER use any animal products. Um, I think I said that twice, but it's important!

Oh! My clothing line, duh! It's called EMPATHY -- our, umm, the values I mean to represent are in the name... Environmentalist, Material sustainability, People-centric, Animal-free, Transparency - like, EMPATHY as a company has a policy of transparency, not that all our clothes are transparent! That would be a very different type of clothing than what I make --

(She pauses awkwardly, distracted.)

Ummm, anyway. Oh! Handmade, because I make it all myself, and Youthful, because our designs are cheerful and happy! Although you don't have to be youthful to wear them! You can be three hundred years old. Don't let them tell you you can't pull it off! I believe in you! You've got this!

...Besides, most three-hundred-year-olds don't look like it around here, am I right?

(She laughs to herself, probably way more amused at her joke than anyone else will be.)

Anyway, EMPATHY's first collection is called Balance, and it's a line for yoga, shi dhuk, or the gym - great for working out, meditating, you name it! The clothes are super duper comfortable and really soft, so if you like yoga, you should definitely give them a try. More yoga stuff is currently under production!

(She stops to show off the EMPATHY heather grey yoga set, which does look pretty comfortable.)

Finally, EMPATHY's second collection is a line of cute animal themed rucksacks! So far in the first line we have designs based on the springer, zhuubeast, and trillika with two more coming out very soon! The rucksacks have adorable little animal charms on them!

(She picks up a rucksack with a cute plumed trillika charm and jingles it. The trillika warbles melodically.)

If you're not a fan of that stuff, I'm also going to be designing some actual everyday clothes -- completely handmade -- so far all I've got is this really gorgeous pair of hand embroidered trousers - they have rainbow striping running down the sides, and they would look GREAT on you!

Besides that, we sometimes sell yoga mats, crowns of flowers, and starleaf plants -- just check in to see what we have in stock today.

And the best part about EMPATHY is that 20% of every purchase goes directly to GCEPS - that is, the Galactic Citizens Ecological Preservation Society - to help animals and the environment! The rest goes directly to me, Clover, a small business owner and not some super rich CEO in some fancy high rise or kitted out ship, so your purchase is something you can feel good about!

Anyway --

(She looks down at the notes again and clears her throat, then attempts to sound slightly more professional, only partially succeeding.)

EMPATHY: Our passion is compassion. Please visit our trade terminal at either Omni Station or the Celestine Crossings.

(She smiles warmly and waves, then her arm can be seen reaching to turn the camera off. The video then fades to a screen with the EMPATHY logo, which has a small pink heart in front of it. That logo then fades into the GCEPS logo, which is your classic atom symbol, the rings around the symbol dotted with orbiting planets, and at the center of the symbol a blooming rainbow flower. The letters GCEPS are written below and then, following below it in slightly smaller writing, the slogan "Be kind to all kind." The video then fades to black.)

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