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Public News Post #252

Winterflame has a date!

Written by: Celestial Cartographer Orrin Moonchild
Date: Monday, December 16th, 2019
Addressed to:


(In huge, snow-capped orange writing, this message announces itself in a jolly, booming voice, shortly followed by a flurry of snowballs and the sound of Orrin and lots of other people laughing)


(The text moves to the background, the image clears and a gentle snowfall continues throughout. A tall W'hoorn with large, slightly tatty golden wings and a smiling face is standing by a firepit in the Winterflame music area, wearing a brightly colored Winterflame sweater, grey duracloth pants, a blue bobble hat and a pair of fingerless mittens. His face is covered with fluttering leaf tattoos, which seem to currently be a festive green, He gestures, wielding a toasted marshmallow on a stick).

"Well hi there everyone! I'm Orrin and I'm here to tell you alllll about the Winterflame Music Festival!"

(He gestures to the left with the marshmallow, using it as a pointer. Text pops up in the air as he points.)

"The date of the event is gonna be the 21st of Tera, 946 A.E." (// that's Sunday 22nd Dec at 10pm GMT/4pm CST/8am Mon AEST)

(The date pops up in red sparkly writing, hovering in the air.)

"The lineup is as follows:" (he taps his marshmallow-wand in the air five times, each tap bringing up an artist name in sprakling letters dotted around in no particular order underneath the date.)
K0NF3KTI0N! ("The three is silent, you know?")
The Glisal Synthphonic!
Bottom-Feeding Devilfish! (Orrin chuckles slightly)
And of course me, Orrin Omnifarious!

"I am also REEEALLY EXCITED to announce that THE MOST FAMOUS BAND IN THE SECTOR, IF NOT THE WHOLE ENTIRE UNIVERSE have been confirmed to headline!"
(Orrin bounces up and down excitedly, the bobble on his hat flipping around. He waves the marshmallow stick around elaborately and with a flick, the viewpoint zooms into a VR video, featuring a group of Tukkav with one spindly Nath-el man all walking dramatically towards you in slow motion black and white, hair trailing dramatically and the very familiar chorus to their hit, 'The Chase' playing in the background. The scene flicks back to Orrin, who is beaming. He yells:)

(The band's logo appears in a poof with the others and spins, twinkling in the air)

"And thanks to amazing sponsorship deals with: Flight Clothing, Keiko's Candyland, Guardian General Ren, EMPATHY, Sol'lun Enterprises, Stareater Industries and an another anonymous supporter, we will have PRIZES and GIFTS!" (Orrin gestures as if to get the audience to join him in saying 'OooOOoohh').

"So... PRIZES - Everyone who arrives before the end of the opening act, and stays until the end of the show will be entered into a prize draw. We have some AMAZING Prizes including a baby snowfox donated by EMPATHY, a Genevault supplied by Keiko's Candyland and my little ol' Flight Clothing has thrown in a snow machine so you can make snowmen wherever you are! There will also be generous cash prizes and giftcatchers up for grabs!"

"Aaand GIFTS! I'm working with Tucky here to get some special goodie bags made up for you all. These will include a couple of EXCLUSIVE Winterflame items and will be given to everyone who attends as a Winterflame gift from us to you - made possible by our amazing sponsors! (Orrin puts his right forepaw to his mouth and stage-whispers,) Check out their shops and services y'all!"

"I think that's all..." (He scratches the patchy mane on his chin.)

"Oh... ARTISTS! Remember not to schedule a concert at least 20 hours before you need to book a slot at the winterflame performance area or you won't be able to play the fest (and if you don't, I can't pay you!) And if any other artists wanna play now the date's confirmed, let me know."

(Orrin nods resolutely and eats the toasted marshmallow off the end of the stick with a grin, then uses the stick to salute you directly, and points at some text which is now scrolling in the foreground of your vision before waving cheerfully and wandering off.) The text reads:

WMF would not be possible without the generosity of:

F l i g h t. Clothing.
Keiko's Candyland
Guardian General Ren
Sol'lun Enterprises
Stareater Industries
Thanks Everybody - Happy Flameday!

See you on the 21st Tera!

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