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Events News Post #21

War is Upon Us?

Written by: Neritus
Date: Monday, May 8th, 2023
Addressed to:


In the 4th Week of Worldbreaking, 970 A.E., the Ishvana launched a massive offensive against the Starmourn Sector, destroying 21 Cosmpiercers using Kali Warships, unseen in the Sector since the War of Extinction 42,000 years ago. In the wake of the destruction, the Y'saari-built Aegispheres revealed themselves next to voidgates Sector-wide. According to experts on the subject, the Aegispheres had been "cloaked" in some form of subspace pocket, which had been maintained for unknown reasons but was breached by the destruction of more than half of the Sector's Cosmpiercers.

Following the widespread destruction of Cosmpiercers and the appearance of the Aegispheres, the Ishvana launched an assault on the Narchspace Aegisphere. Thanks to advance warning from the DDC, spacers from across the Sector gathered to defend the Aegisphere and its voidgate, including but not limited to Zendor, Judith Frost, Kelnor, Aesan Blackthorn, Jaidyn Nova, Ren, Guardian Prime Holgorath V'lani, Lord Commander Picram, Ash Nova, Meera, Asteyr Dreya, Rylek Ironbound, Dyne V'lani, Erni Ironbound, Urid Lockwood, Kolfin Nova, Akiko, Mairon T'rvati, and many more gathered aboard the ships flown by these brave spacers. On the ground, Lupisentia V'lani, Shulamit Moonchild, and others worked with Araxi Lamentations and Crake Maroway to determine the nature of the assault. The Kali Warship was dispatched from the combined arms of Spacers, who braved relentless fire from the Kali Warship's powerful energy cannons.

During the course of the assault, the Y'saari's emergency Commsphere broadcast increasingly lost integrity, and all attempts to reach out to the Y'saari for comment have been ineffective, representatives on Maqbahassum having entered some form of catatonic trance. While they still maintain presence at their borders and Covenant Marks continue to flow through Y'saari space, the seeming disappearance of the Y'saari has left many wondering whether some tragedy has befallen the Elder Race, or whether they have simply abandoned the Younger Races.

With the degrading Y'saari Commsphere broadcast, a makeshift group of allies consisting of Araxi Lamentations representing Omni Station, Gun Gunnerson X representing Iota Station, and Shi Hiret representing the Dargun Defense Coalition gathered on Omni Station to coordinate the defense of the Sector. When asked by reporters how she gained access to the Commsphere's Mindsim emergency broadcast, Araxi Lamentations declined to comment.

According to Shi Hiret of the DDC, the DDC is currently stabilizing the wreckage of the destroyed Kali Warship, so that research teams may be sent in to inspect it. Meanwhile, across the Sector, technologists have been analyzing the Aegispheres to help reverse engineer how its weapons penetrated the shields of the Kali Warship, without which the weapons of our brave spacers would have been ineffective.

The DDC advises spacers to remain at the ready for continued Ishvana aggression.

According to insiders, private talks are now underway between Omni, Iota, and the DDC, though little is currently known other than that their efforts are directed at consolidating the war effort against the Ishvana at the brim of what some have come to call the Younger War of Extinction.

- Pofiz "Danger" Fizzledaggle

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