May Marvels!

May brought a ton of new things in Starmourn and you are missing out if you are not logging in to check them out!

Ship Customization: a brand new feature that brings your ship off the Overhead Map and into the space station, where it can be looked at by yourself and, more importantly, by others.

 Just like your character’s appearance you can describe your ship with a paragraph of text, as well as pimp your ship’s look with dozens of options available in station chop shops across the galaxy. Kit it out with snazzy paint colors and finishes, exciting wing and hull shapes, and thematic decals that you can combine to make your ship unique – and uniquely yours.

Shopfronts are better than ever and they have received a lot of love this month, making being a crafter more appealing than ever: you can now categorize your wares and upgrade your shops to obtain additional perks: stock designs instead of finished goods, increase your capacity, obtain even more categories and even change the color that your shops display in.

Modding has been overhauled! WeaponModding and ArmorModding have been redone and now allow the player more control over what they learn and what mods they wish to specialize in. No longer must you search high and low for a large number of identical mods in order to master a specific mod, you now obtain research credit for a manufacturer’s entire catalogue when you reverse engineer a mod. Oh, and you can obtain a weekly SHIPMENT of mod parts and credits in exchange for resources! How awesome is that?

Another round of Classlead changes have been implemented, bringing some needed tweaks and updates to Starmourn’s B.E.A.S.T.S and Scoundrels.

If you ever felt like you missed out on our awesome promotional items, you can now obtain them via the Promo Market that was just implemented where people can freely trade in all the awesome goodies that Starmourn has to offer in its promotional content.

And speaking of promotions, if you ever wanted to ride your own Hoverbike or Speeder, now is the time to log in and check out how awesome they are and get one for yourself from either the promotional chests or via the Promo Market from other players or the mysterious smugglers that sometimes offer them for sale.

All of these updates are made even sweeter by the numerous bug fixes we have put in and the many quality of life improvements that the team has worked so hard to bring to the game (transparency in mob attacks, factory movement, tweaks to jewelry designs, improvement to the base commands and many more).

You should also come check out the forums and see what we have planned next: Factional Engagement Missions, the system where you help your faction as a whole get stronger via the tasks that you complete.

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