Faction Engagement Missions

The Citadel of Hordes.

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve just finished and released the Faction Engagement Missions – The Cerebral Augment Chambers. Each faction houses one of these titanic contraptions, the purpose of which is to enhance the mental and physical capabilities of all faction members via their mindsims and wetwiring.

Through the CAC, you will perform daily tasks such as killing certain denizens, completing market orders, delivering commodities, defeating enemies in space incursions and others, in order to obtain Report Slivers. These Report Slivers can be fed into the CAC in order to enhance a particular aspect of all members of your faction. These aspects are: increased experience gain, increased hacking/captaincy experience gain, extra damage in incursions, extra damage against denizens, increased stats.

Come learn more about the system on our forums or jump right into the game and start empowering your faction!

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