Explore New Dikamazi!

A Bushraki punk makes trouble in the streets of New Dikamazi.

In the Iota system, in neutral space, a fledgling colony of Bushraki settlers has been discovered on a newly inhabited asteroid. Named New Dikamazi, after their lost homeworld, the colony appears to have no immediately malicious motivations – though there are several elements of the area that might be considered hostile to outsiders. Historians and xenologists muse that it is the first fully Bushraki settlement to spring up in some time, the cyborg race previously having been even more homeless than humans. Time will tell how New Dikamazi effects the galactic landscape, but for now, its impact appears to be confined to its boundaries.

OOC: For the next few weeks, we invite Starmourners to enjoy what New Dikamazi has to offer, from new quests and monsters to the items available to be found, purchased, and consumed. We welcome everyone to test out our first dynamically scaled area which is accessible to players of all levels, and enjoy the unique, Bushraki-themed loot. But don’t hesitate to explore, because when our monthlong event is over, these unique event features will be going away again (even though New Dikamazi is here to stay)! Have fun!

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