Economy Updates – Manufacturing specializations

As we’ve discussed previously, we’re in the midst of revamping a lot of the key elements of our economy, most notably the manufacturing chain.

This has been in the works a while and the first batch of changes are now in! These have to do with manufacturing specializations. You may now specialize in Mining, Refining or Processing and get some sweet boosts to your that part of the manufacturing chain. That doesn’t mean that you have to right away or that you can’t perform the other activities, but you will definitely have an easier time if you do.

Other notable changes are the fact that you can no longer own an infinite number of refineries and autofactories and that autofactories can now be used by everyone, not just the owner. For a full list of details concerning these changes, hop on in-game or on our forums (where you can also join the discussion):


  1. […] Economy Updates – Manufacturing Specializations […]

  2. […] Economy Updates – Manufacturing Specializations […]

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