Recent Events in New Dikamazi.

With the botanical threat to New Dikamazi taken care of, will the cybernetic race of tech worshippers return to their roots?

(IC) The Starmourn News Network:

Word spreads across the sector that New Dikamazi, the Bushraki colony, is under new leadership in the form of a council,rather than a single individual. News reports indicate that a minor coup was enacted several months ago, removing the founder of the colony, Tsake Shayato, from power. Bushraki on the ground in New Dikamazi have informed commcasters that a trio of individuals from Scatterhome, along with Tran Shayato (Tsake’s grandfather) were responsible for the coup. The exact identity of these individuals is not known, but rumor has it that the d’Erebus and T’aeir dynasties were somehow involved.

The current situation in New Dikamazi suggests that efforts are being made by local Bushraki to prune back some of the more outlandish and aggressive botanical cybernetics that had begun to take over the colony. Says one unnamed gardener that was interviewed recently: “Look, we’re still finding our feet. Once we deal with the plant problem, we’re going to be major players. You’ll see.”

(OOC) Changes to New Dikamazi:

  • Tsake Shayato’s quest has been removed, and access to her lair has been made available to everyone.
  • Mob dialogue has been adjusted throughout New Dikamazi to account for recent events.
  • Lootset adjusted to include loot from elsewhere in the sector, along with a chance to obtain Bushraki-styled weapons and armor.
  • The mobshop no longer sells hydroponic pods.
  • The drop rate for poppy petals has decreased.
  • New Dikamazi is now recommended for players level 50-75.
  • Everyone who completed the quest to fight Tsake Shayato has received the “Bionic Gardener” title.

Thank you once again to Soren for all his help with this area and all the associated events!

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