Starmourn’s First Auction Now Open!

A Sa’hak-ren flesh ship?

Our biggest news of the day is that Starmourn’s very first auction is open! Auctions offer special artifacts, items, and prizes that can usually not be obtained in any other way. There are two types of auction prizes available:

  • Credit auctions. We will only accept credit bids for these powerful new artifacts, fantastic customizable prizes, and other unique, never-before-seen offerings.
  • Mark auctions. Feel free to empty your bank accounts on these lots, which are only available for those willing to spend Covenant Marks! They include existing artifacts.
    You can see the available auctions by using the AUCTIONS command. Check out the details of a specific auction by using AUCTION INFO . You can bid on an auction from anywhere in the world using the BID command. For a more in-depth explanation of the system, please refer to HELP AUCTION.

Credit Auction Lots:

  • Sa’hak-ren Flesh Ship – A fantastic vessel obtained by the Breakers at great cost, this alien ship is of a type rarely seen by those not of the Sa’hak-ren race. A spacegoing vessel controlled by a fully organic ship-brain interface, the ‘Heartbeat’ is an utterly unique home. Though some elements of her design may take getting used to, captains will appreciate her exotic beauty, superb handling, and superior firepower. From the Rhelomar Shipyards.
  • A Custom Ship NPC – You will work with the admin team to create a custom NPC that will reside on your ship. This should be limited to either a crew member, butler, servant or something similar. No important, existing, fantastic, unrealistic characters.
  • A Custom Pet – You will work with the admin team to create a custom pet for you, complete with reactions. This has to be a lore-appropriate pet. No sentient creatures (no, you can’t have a W’hoorn kitty pet), no fantastic/magical beings.
  • World Housing – Ever wanted to own a fancy home somewhere? An office building? This is your chance. You will work with the admin team to create a private residence/office for yourself or your dynasty (max 10 rooms) on a planet of your choice.
  • World Shop – Ever wanted to own your own restaurant? Cafe? Jewelry Shop? Clothes outlet? Now’s your chance. You will get a one-room shop anywhere in the world to make your business thrive.
  • Portable Heartstart Device – Allows you to use OPERATE HEARTSTART just like an Engineer with the proper skill can
  • Signal Jammer – Blocks all forms of spying in your current location (such as Scoundrel bugs, Nanoseer envelop/relay)
  • The Animus Experiment – This bladelike weapon was developed by a top-secret Y’saari research institution on a moon that has been labeled a black site by navigational charts. It possesses unusual kith-based properties and forms a sympathetic bond to its “host” upon joining. When it senses the destruction of its host’s body, it generates a massive amount of power, capable of delivering a mortal blow to nearly anything in the sector. Researchers suspect the experimental weapon was created using technology from a now extinct Elder race.
  • Super Stimpack – The Super Stimpack is usable once every 6 hours and will instantly cure all your afflictions, subsystems and health.
  • RoamTek Suspension Field – Another traveler’s companion from RoamTek, the Suspension Field will make sure you don’t drop any of your junk in the case of your untimely death.
  • Miniature Wormhole – Experimental technology has been installed at Omni Station. The winner of this auction will be allowed to select up to 3 wormhole destinations on non-factional capitals or Cosmpiercers where they can instantly travel to from Omni Station (on foot).
  • Refilling Liquid Container – Breakthrough advancements in fluid sciences and nanotechnology allow this container to never run out of the liquid of your choice, as it is synthesized on the go.

Marks Auction Lots:

  • Y’Saari Voidgate Permit
  • Custom fish – You will work with the admin team to create a custom fish for your fishtank. This fish will behave like other fish, and will need food like every other fish in the game! Fishtank and fish food included.
  • Any level 3 stat boost
  • Hourly Stat Reset
  • 25 paristeel crates
  • Ship Beacon Jammer
  • Ship Return level 1

We hope you enjoy the exciting, competitive nature of bidding on these coveted prizes, as well as the chance to (hopefully) get your hands on a high-value item for less! Have fun, space travelers, and good luck!

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