New year, new area! Player submissions now open.

Can you imagine it? Your own little spot in the sector. How dreamy.

Your chance to create a permanent area in the Starmourn sector! Read on for more info.

In what we believe is an unprecedented contest, we are offering an opportunity for one lucky player to win the chance to work alongside myself and any other storytellers who may be interested to create a playable area that will be a permanent feature in lore.

That’s right! A whole area with quests, things to hunt, denizens to interact with, and lore material inspired by YOU.

Oh wow! That sounds so cool! I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited!

– definitely not Argus

I know! It’s exciting!

In order to ensure we have a really good idea of what you’re proposing, your entry should include the following:

  • A summary about your area.
    Where is it located? Who lives there? Why does it exist? What lore element(s) does this tie into?
  • What MIL player would use this area?
    General gist – Is this for new players? Something to challenge the vets?
  • Three huntable mobs in the area.
    What are they, what do they look like, and what do their attacks look like?
  • One idea for a quest in this region.
    Who gives the quest? What’s the goal?
  • One mob shop or service in the area that players will be able to frequent.
    Who runs the shop? What do they sell?

It’s absolutely absolutely okay to think of more options than what I’ve listed before, but for the sake of fair judging and to keep the project feasible we ask that you please stick to the requirements listed above for your entry.

Wait… Argus, were you just quoting yourself about how excited you are?

Yes! But only for now. I know you’re all going to be just as excited, if not even more so!

Storytellers are not able to enter this contest – This is all about our players! We know we’ve got a super creative group, and we want to see how much you can challenge yourselves. We’ll make it happen for whoever gets creative and really comes forward with a fun story to share.

Entries should be submitted as either a Pastebin file or a Google doc (make sure those permissions are right!), and you can either message the link to me in game or on discord.

All submissions are due by sync on January 16th, 2022. That’s loads of time. You’ve got this!

You got some questions? Fire off a message on discord or in game – I’m here to help!

Argus, the tiniest feracht

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