Grab a free gift on us! – Happy 3rd Birthday Starmourn!

Us devs holding onto you, our precious and sparkly players. You beauties, you.
Photo by Brigitte Tohm from Pexels

Today – the 15th December 2021 – is Starmourn’s third birthday!

And hasn’t it been quite the year?!

(full annual update post to follow at the end of Dec, but this is just a summary!)

We started the year with ship customization improvements, and a new batch of Storytellers – Nicnevin, Argus and Neritus! We introduced Smash tables, newbie kits and daily streaks. We added lawlessness as a proper thing, crew spars, spacewalking and a ship VR arena, as well as an ooc command, class emotes and soooo much more.
In June we lost our previous Lead Producer, Eukelade, as she moved on to pastures new (on good terms, and she does come back to help out every now and then!) and Neritus and I took over as co-leads.

Actual evidence of Neritus and Damiel surveying their new kingdom. Photo by RODNAE Productions from Pexels

Since then we have launched Hardcore mode which was an IRE first that saw permadeath being a thing for the first time in all the realms. We (read: Neritus) did a HUGE revamp on armor and weapon modding, giving you your own team of employees for the first time. We recruited MORE new Storytellers (welcome, Domin and Astor!) and more volunteer coders (hi there Ferenzi and Bricky!).

Takes a breath

We introduced the art tradeskill, we had a full round of classleads, we built, stocked and evented the Floating Market, we made player shops a thing, we launched player habitations, enabling you to own your own home in Starmourn for the first time. We made credit shops and broke records for the number of missioncontrol shots fired in one month. We reworked ship weapons, and mining – introducing ore crushers and gas compressors and making harvest drones universal. We made faction ships a thing, and made large asteroids explorable and explodable BOOM!

Real life image of Gwoss Brinn yelling at an asteroid. Image by Geralt.

We introduced Rapadruk, and held a great roleplay event for halloween centered around the HugTech factory. OH MY GOD WE ALSO INTRODUCED SPACE TWITT… Flogger!

Sooooo much has happened this year that I’m legitimately staring at the 2021 announcement posts boggling and actually feeling really very proud of all of our staff, volunteers and players. We may still be the little sibling in the IRE family, but we sure as bala pack a punch, right?!

…and we have no plans on stopping!

To thank you all for sticking with us, or to welcome you back if you’ve recently returned (it’s been amazing to see so many old faces returning lately), or to welcome you for the first time if you’re new – we on the Starmourn Team would like to give every player of the game a little anniversary present.

This could be your actual face of joy if you log in to Starmourn today or tomorrow. Legit. Photo by Adrienne Andersen from Pexels

If you log on in the next couple of days, you’ll receive a limited edition, interactive item and a simple giftcatcher – no strings attached.

Thank you again, from all of us. Here’s to another year in space!


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