The most wonderful time of the year: Welcome to Winterflame!

A snowy nature scene, a frozen river winding through the forest, surrounded by snow-laden trees.
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year in Starmourn: Winterflame!

A Tukkav holiday at its core, Winterflame is the celebration where spacers of every race and creed set aside their differences to come together in warmth and friendship, to exchange gifts, and to build a chosen family that is as important as blood.

What to expect this Winterflame

Ironbeard is once again making his way around the sector, dropping presents for all! Follow the shadow of his ship for the chance to catch one every day he’s around.

Rohna has taken up her station on Omni Central, ready to welcome all who greet her to the festivities. Additionally, this year she has a special, rainbow-wrapped present for everyone who logs in and wishes her a warm holiday!

The mist has returned this year to the fairgrounds, but never fear! Montos Dath is here to lead you through if the rascally void imps and tendrils of mist are putting you out of the holiday spirit. Otherwise, dive in and make your way towards the sounds of merriment!

Within the fairgrounds, there’s much to do! The Winterflame Arena is open once more for snowball fights, as well as many quests for you to explore. Take time to talk to the various merchants on the grounds for your chance to participate and earn grand rewards for your service.

Giftcatchers and more!

In addition to Rohna’s special gift, we’ve stocked a shop in the Winterflame Grounds with giftcatchers- the artifact prize everyone loves and which was previously only obtainable as a monetary purchase from the website. Now that we are a Legacy title, these will be available for Winterflame and can be purchased with either marks or credits earned in game going forward. Hang a giftcatcher for your favorite spacer and watch their face alight with joy!

Another fun ware is stocked here, which should clue you in to the big release planned for later this month. It’s many weeks of work in the making, and we sure hope you’ll love it!

A note from the admin team,

We are so grateful to everyone who has stuck with us and for all of the new faces who’ve joined the Starmourn community during this transition. Many things are in the works behind the scenes, and we are absolutely bubbling over with excitement at the opportunity to share it with you.

Stay tuned spacers! There’s much to celebrate as the year comes to a close.

– The Starmourn Volunteers: Neritus, Argus, Marra, Elan, Senzei, Kauka, Figment, and Ferenzi.

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