Frosty Updates Inbound – Check out the new and improved Paperweight!

You may remember Paperweight, introduced in early 2022 as the winning entry from our Player driven area contest. It’s a frigid tundra off Razor’s Rift filled with all kinds of fun wildlife, a slew of new mechanics including weather effects and mobs that follow time cycles, an introduction to the Twice-Departed Jin colony, and a new race – The Belaul!

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As part of our revamp of the Paperweight area, we’ve resolved a number of bugs, added 100+ new rooms to explore, and fleshed out the Belaul cultural area with new NPCs, shops, interactive elements, and more!

Welcome to The Strand

Off the northern tip of Paperweight, a frozen expanse stretches out towards the horizon, dotted with icy peaks, a collection of pinniluna which have escaped the caves, and blubbering hocavi.

A towering mammal of coarse grey skin and immense rolls of blubber, the hocavi propels itself over slick ice or through arctic waters on four huge, clawed flippers with a grace that is incongruous with its bulky frame. Thick, bone-plated shoulders and a thick wedge-shaped skull give it the appearance of a very fat spearhead, perfect for cracking through sheets of solid ice.

More to come for this area in terms of quests and something pretty major we’re planning for next year, but for now – Happy hunting!

The Belaul Get An Upgrade

An avian race at home in their towering Belfir tree in the tundra, the Belaul are the newest sentient NPC race introduced to the Starmourn sector.

Welcome to Yr’sh’eya, the Belaul community nestled into the hollow of Mymaeir, the great Belfir tree towering over the tundra. Within its walls, a bustling community is thriving with the unique production of lightcatchers and lenses crafted from stoat scales. Using this tech, they are able to warm the inner hollow of the tree, crafting grandiose walkways and secluded roosts.

Overhead, the two Wings oversee the daily operations of the Belaul – One chosen for their leading Wisdom, the other for guiding Strength. In the rootbed, Ku’yaur, a revered bonfire is maintained eternally in honor of those who have fallen in the tundra. Every year the Belaul gather around its warmth, feeding the flames to great heights and celebrating with dance, coo-ing songs, feasts, gifts, and heartfelt stories from the year that’s passed.

The NPC denizens in Yr’sh’eya have much more variety than in many of the other locations and serve as a test run for building greater variety across the sector. We look forward to expanding on this functionality in the future.

Keep it frosty, spacers!

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