Recommended Play Time – Open Training Session on History and Lore

New and Veteran players alike – Join us Saturday at Sync-1 for an open training session with the Lord Commander of the Song Dominion and a guest star from the admin team!

A milky nebula and purple space cloud brimming with stars form the backdrop for a magnificent four-finned space whale with a massive white horn protruding from its head.
One potential topic, the magnificent Lha-ti including their relationship to the Utan Mir and their role in the construction of the voidgates still used by pilots around the Starmourn sector.

We’ll be covering topics including, but not limited to, historic lore and sector-wide politics! Bring your questions and puzzling inspirations to strike up debate amongst your fellow spacers.

Check the new UPCOMING LIST in game for the start time and consider adding yourself as Interested on the Discord event for a handy reminder leading up to the start.

Not in the Discord yet? Join us where the conversation (and the science-magic) happens:

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