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Announcements News Posts: 39-1

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39Mar 18th, 2019Starmourn Producer Position.Jumpy
38Mar 18th, 2019A sad day.Tecton, the Singularity
37Mar 2nd, 2019The Great Sync Loop of March 2019.Tecton, the Singularity
36Mar 1st, 2019Crazy Jerry and the lost mail.Tecton, the Singularity
35Mar 1st, 2019March in Starmourn.Tecton, the Singularity
34Feb 27th, 2019Join the team!Tecton, the Singularity
33Feb 25th, 2019Classlead commenting is now open.Tecton, the Singularity
32Feb 20th, 2019Bounty Hunters.Tecton, the Singularity
31Feb 18th, 2019Class and stat resets.Tecton, the Singularity
30Feb 18th, 2019Retirement into Starmourn.Tecton, the Singularity
29Feb 17th, 2019Classleads are now open!Tecton, the Singularity
28Feb 1st, 2019Delays in communication.Tecton, the Singularity
27Jan 29th, 2019Q+A Madness.Tecton, the Singularity
26Jan 22nd, 2019On the care and feeding of new players.Tecton, the Singularity
25Jan 22nd, 2019Development updates - Jan 22, 2019.Tecton, the Singularity
24Jan 15th, 2019Credit sale.Tecton, the Singularity
23Jan 10th, 2019Artifacts.Tecton, the Singularity
22Jan 8th, 2019Ship PK / PVP Rules.Tecton, the Singularity
21Jan 7th, 2019Iron Elite.Tecton, the Singularity
20Jan 4th, 2019Development updates - Jan 03, 2019.Tecton, the Singularity
19Jan 2nd, 2019Nexus updates.Tecton, the Singularity
18Jan 2nd, 2019Automation.Tecton, the Singularity
17Dec 31st, 2018Media from Earth.Aurelius
16Dec 29th, 2018Proper profanity in Starmourn.Aurelius
15Dec 27th, 2018Class changes.Tecton, the Singularity
14Dec 27th, 2018On issues.Tecton, the Singularity
13Dec 24th, 2018Happy Holidays from the Starmourn team.Tecton, the Singularity
12Dec 22nd, 2018Development updates.Tecton, the Singularity
11Dec 21st, 2018OOC and public channels.Tecton, the Singularity
10Dec 19th, 2018Policies.Tecton, the Singularity
9Dec 18th, 2018More on PK/PVP.Tecton, the Singularity
8Dec 18th, 2018A few new feedback threads.Tecton, the Singularity
7Dec 18th, 2018Bug abuse.Tecton, the Singularity
6Dec 18th, 2018Website logins.Tecton, the Singularity
5Dec 18th, 2018PK/PVP and you.Tecton, the Singularity
4Dec 17th, 2018Feedback, bugs, typos, and getting support.Tecton, the Singularity
3Dec 17th, 2018Stat resets.Tecton, the Singularity
2Dec 17th, 2018Modding tradeskills.Tecton, the Singularity
1Dec 17th, 2018Welcome to Starmourn.Tecton, the Singularity

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Starmourn Development is on Fire

Development on Starmourn continues at a furious pace, as the team works to refine, improve, and add to the game on a daily basis! Haven’t been watching the news? Here’s a quick rundown on just a small fraction of the changes that have come out recently: Ships and the Captaincy skill have all had massive…
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Ship Weapon Updates

Tecton just posted up a preview of the upcoming updates to ship weapons, shields, and other space combat-related changes. Head over to the Starmourn forums to check them out.
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Ship updates

We’ve just unveiled a massive batch of ship changes, giving space ships a whole bunch of additional fit-out customisation, as well as paving the way for a bunch of upcoming ship changes! Check out the Updates post #133 for all of the information!
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