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202Apr 10th, 2021NEW Mission Control Prizes.Starmaker Eukelade
201Apr 1st, 2021No Sale This Month.Starmaker Eukelade
200Mar 24th, 2021Gambling! Woo!Storyteller Damiel, pew pew
199Mar 22nd, 2021Spamming you all about spam.Zersiax
198Mar 14th, 2021More Tesseract Prizes, Credit Bonuses Added!Starmaker Eukelade
197Mar 10th, 2021Introducing Daily Streaks.Starmaker Eukelade
196Mar 2nd, 2021Song newbie kits are go!Interstellar Idol Damiel, pew pew
195Mar 1st, 2021Time Marches On.Starmaker Eukelade
194Feb 26th, 2021Some more space changes.Zersiax
193Feb 19th, 2021Pilots - we need your help!Heroically Concise Damiel
192Feb 17th, 2021Storyteller Update!Starmaker Eukelade
191Feb 16th, 2021Arrizuri and Jelle tweaks.Heroically Concise Damiel
190Feb 15th, 2021Howdy from Selubir!Feracht Whisperer Soren
189Feb 11th, 2021Surprise Sale Switchup - Mission Control is BACK!Starmaker Eukelade
188Feb 10th, 2021Mind Changes.World Engineer Senzei
187Feb 8th, 2021Afflictions: Muscular.World Engineer Senzei
186Feb 6th, 2021Promo tradein values!Heroically Concise Damiel
185Feb 3rd, 2021Storyteller Application Update.Starmaker Eukelade
184Feb 1st, 2021Xoxo Starmourners - It's February!Starmaker Eukelade
183Jan 27th, 2021Changes to Ships.Starmaker Eukelade
182Jan 24th, 2021Tweaks and Bug Fixes!World Engineer Senzei
181Jan 21st, 2021Assess.World Engineer Senzei
180Jan 21st, 2021Patch Thursday 01-21-2020: Pimp Your Ride Part Two.Zersiax
179Jan 21st, 2021Wanted: Storytellers!Starmaker Eukelade
178Jan 18th, 2021New Prizes For Mission Control!Starmaker Eukelade
177Jan 15th, 2021Ship Customization Improvements, Part One.Starmaker Eukelade
176Jan 14th, 2021Wiki Update!Starmaker Eukelade
175Jan 10th, 2021Quick Update on Update 398.Starmaker Eukelade
174Jan 10th, 2021Lots of fixes and updates!Heroically Concise Damiel
173Jan 7th, 2021Patch Thursday for 7-1-2021.Zersiax
172Jan 5th, 2021Congratulations, Mystor Phis'tor!Starmaker Eukelade
171Jan 1st, 2021Winterflame is Over.Starmaker Eukelade
170Jan 1st, 2021HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!Starmaker Eukelade
169Dec 31st, 2020Quick Additions.World Engineer Senzei
168Dec 17th, 2020Winterflame Requests.World Engineer Senzei
167Dec 16th, 2020New Gifts in Your Giftcatchers!Starmaker Eukelade
166Dec 14th, 2020Happy Birthday, Starmourn!Starmaker Eukelade
165Dec 10th, 2020Player Contest: Reskin Kneecap!Starmaker Eukelade
164Dec 10th, 2020Patch Thursday 10-12-2020.Zersiax
163Dec 3rd, 2020Discord: December Discussion Session.Bandus

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How long will you streak in Starmourn!?

Hey Starmourners, if you like to play Starmourn every day, we have good news for you! If you WANT to play Starmourn every day, but needed more incentive to do so- we still have good news for you. (And if you don’t care, the good news is things aren’t going to change.) By now, you…
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Time Marches On!

Hello, Starmourners! It’s another month – March, to be precise. We hope you’ve enjoyed all the shipchanges we’ve all been working on! Don’t forget to give Damiel and Zersiax a whole lot of love for all their hard work, testing, and research. The new Storytellers are also busy – you might have been noticing a…
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New Ships, New Storytellers, and New Selubir – Oh My!

Been a minute since we updated the website, so here’s what we’ve been up to lately, Starmourners! Selubir Expands! The incredibly hard work and artistry of Damiel and Soren is revealed in their biggest, most lovingly detailed project yet. The planet Selubir, a dusty, orange-colored human colony known most famously as the homeworld of Cassandra…
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