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Announcements News Post #102

Classleads (round 1 - part 1)

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020
Addressed to:

So let's talk classleads!

Turns out classleads has been a bigger project than anticipated. You've all been amazing with your suggestions and there's been a lot to go through, with some suggested changes being smaller and others being bigger. The changes will come in batches, with this first batch taking a look at Fury, Nanoseer and a little bit of BEAST. This doesn't mean I'm all done with either of these classes (especially BEAST) and I haven't forgotten about Engineer and Scoundrel.

I haven't gone through and approved/rejected the classleads yet, I will do so shortly. But it is very important to note that just because a suggestion didn't make it through this time, it doesn't mean I'm against it. It most likely means that your idea didn't make it in now because there were other things that did and they would conflict or because it would be too big of a change in the current class context. By all means, feel free to resubmit your suggestions for the next round. I'm pretty sure we'll need to have a balance pass done for the balance pass.


- The Scorched affliction now gives 0.5% muscular damage per tick and you can always apply at least one stack of scorched with relevant abilities

EM Damage has been reworked (again)
- The damage part (resistances, extra damage to bots) is as before
- The residual field no longer impacts tech-based attacks nor does subsystem damage
- The residual field now stacks in increments of 10, each stack adding a 1% chance that your next WW MEND operation will fail
- Stacks expire either after 30 seconds, after a WW MEND operation failed or through the use of %7SKIRMISHING DISCHARGE%
- There is an internal cooldown per person that doesn't allow you to receive EM stacks faster than once every 2 seconds (sorry Furies)

- %7CRASH/ESCAPE% now indicates the direction in which the target is escaping at the beginning of the channel as well
- New ability: %7DISCHARGE% - allows you purge all EM stacks
- %7SLINK% is no longer prevented by the presence of any loyals (bots, pets, etc.)
- You can no longer %7FLIP/RIGHT% something while taking cover if itu0019s not the cover youu0019re hiding behind
- Flying will automatically remove cover (BUGFIX)


- %7EVALUATION% renamed to %7APPRAISAL% to disambiguate from %7SKIRMISHING EVALUATION%
- %7ANALYZE% should now only indicate relevant, non-coder commands that you can use to interact with certain items (BUGFIX)
- New ability %7SQUINT% - Allows you to look into all rooms in a given direction

Unrelated, but worth mentioning:
The training dummy artifact no longer take extra subsystem/bleed damage like a regular mob (for those who have it and wish to test combat changes)


- %7BLOODBURN%will now grant 1/3/5 stacks of bleeding based on internal subsys affs (0/3/5)
- %7DEFLECT% now has a 20 sec cooldown
- %7HEW% now applies weakened knees
- %7SUNDER% should no longer affect the caster (BUGFIX)

- %7FIREWREATHE% can be turned off
- Blade shapes last until death/logout

- %7TWIST% now deals 4% subsystem damage to healthier system between muscular and internal
- %7FLYINGCUT% will now send splinters flying from the prop, adding a stack of bleeding to all those in the room not in cover
- %7OVERPOWER% now lasts until Unstoppable expires instead of only for 3 hits.
- If the target has Weakened arms, legs or weak knees, %7SANDBLAST% will deal additional damage and muscular damage for each of the affs
- You may now properly use %7POSITION% in a %7COMBO% (BUGFIX)
- %7THROW%'s instakill trigger will no longer be prevented if the target cannot be moved

- %7ENVELOP% now shows up on %7DIAG%
- %7ANALYZE% now relays information about Internal status
- %7SLUGGISH% now deals 2.5% subsys damage, up from 1.5%
- %7AFFINITY% now scales with mind subsystem damage instead of sensory
- %7CONFUSION% is no longer able to affect class loyals (engineer bots and turrets at present)
- %7COUNTERZAP% now applies 5% EM stacks to the attacker when the Nanoseer is attacked with an EM attack
- New ability: %7REPLICATION%. Your nanites now self replicate in cloning vats (Nanoseers start with 50% of their nanites after death)
- %7WIREBLOCK% will now properly prevent %7BODYHEAL%

+ Being hit with %7FREEZE% will make the target immune to getting another stack of frozen for 2 seconds(this only counts for the affliction stack, not the damage itself)
- %7PAX% cooldown increased to 15 minutes, up from 4
- %7GROUNDFREEZE% can now trigger on crash. Note that it triggers before the crash channel time and not at the end.

- %7INVISIBILITY% has been removed
- New ability: %7TRANQUILITY% (replaces Invisibility) - Your connection with the void surrounds you in an aura that envelopes all nearby in a sluggish, pacified torpor. When this effect is active, aggressive mobs will find themselves uninterested in attacking you. Will need to be reapplied after engaging in combat.

B.E.A.S.T.s are a completely different beast (har har) when it comes to classleads. There is a lot of work that needs to be done here, the most important being the weapon system. This isn't done yet, but we are working on reducing the weapon load from 6 to 3. We are maintaining the same weapons on the suit itself, but youu0019ll be hunting for far less drops. The change is pretty big code-wise, affecting loot drops and related systems so it's taking a bit. There is also the question of how combat works for this class in general, but weu0019ve started with plasmacasting in the hopes of making it more viable in combat and weu0019ll work from there.

- %7COMBUST% will now always apply the maximum possible(depending on muscular damage) amount of scorch stacks (see scorched affliction updates). Plasma cost increased from 50 to 150
- Plasma generation rate has been drastically increased
- Generating excess plasma will no longer hurt you but will instead send the suit into overdrive gaining 25% damage boost, 15% subsys damage boost, but you take 30% more health damage while it's active. Instead of generating plasma, you now lose plasma every tick. Overdrive lasts for 30 seconds or until you run out of plasma. It also removes the %7PLASMA HEATUP% defense when it ends.
- %7CLEARSIGHT% now lasts for 60 seconds, has a 120 second cooldown and allows you to also see hidden or invisible entities.

- %7EXAMINE% now shows accurate information about muscular and internal damage.
- %7OVERCLOCK% cooldown reduced to 120 seconds, down from 300
- %7POUND% muscular damage increased to 4%, from 3.5%
- %7STEADY% will now properly prevent being air-grabbed (BUGFIX)

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