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11Oct 19th, 2019The Purge of Litharge.Starmaker Eukelade
10Oct 4th, 2019The Congregation of T'rath.Starmaker Eukelade
9Jul 15th, 2019Recent Events in New Dikamazi.Starmaker Eukelade
8May 26th, 2019The Conflict in Oldtown.Starmaker Eukelade
7May 24th, 2019Bushraki Showdown!Starmaker Eukelade
6May 20th, 2019Bushraki Gang War in Scatterhome!Starmaker Eukelade
5Mar 1st, 2019Delivery Disaster!Starmaker Eukelade
4Feb 20th, 2019The Bounty Hunters' Dilemma.Starmaker Eukelade
3Jan 31st, 2019Wundishu Biotech.Oryx
2Dec 17th, 2018Starmourn's first deaths.Aurelius
1Dec 17th, 2018What this newsboard is for.Aurelius

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Love, Death, and Robots

So, Starmourners. I bet you’re wondering what we’ve been up to since the beginning of January, right? Read on, because we’re gonna tell you! Since the turn of the year, implementing the playerbase’s hundreds of classlead suggestions have taken the bulk of January’s development time. It continues to be a focus for our lead coders,…
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Looking Forward

The new year is here, and Starmourn feels more refined and grown up by the day. The game has advanced in leaps and bounds from its fledgling beginnings to something that we all feel truly proud of. Not bad, for something that’s barely a year old as of this writing! We hope that 2020 will…
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Our First Year in Space

Starmourn’s first year as a publically accessible game in open beta has come and gone, and the months since December 17th, 2018 have whirled by in a blur of new features, squashed bugs, and player-focused roleplay events.  By January 2019 we’d already fixed hundreds of bugs, done a pass on classes, and enabled a myriad…
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