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Announcements News Post #101

January Updates.

Written by: Ilyos, the Arbiter
Date: Wednesday, January 22nd, 2020
Addressed to:

Greetings Starmourners,

January has been a pretty quiet month so far, but we're still here, working behind the scenes, building, fixing and kicking the Ishvana around when it gets ornery. On the coding side, we've mostly been working on classleads (which we'll talk about in a minute), bugs (as per usual) and a fun new system that'll rear its mechanical head in February.

You've all been happily shooting down at the Mission Control Promo and we've decided to change the prizes somewhat. First up, we've replaced the artifacts available to be won and the current selection is:
- Nanoboosted Adrenaline Generation
- Ship Hyperscan lvl 1
- H.E.T.E. Transport Service
- Refining Speed 3
- Y'Saari Voidgate permit

Second, a new addition to the customization roster are 'zines! These monthly periodicals are chock full of fashion tips and ideas that you can download and give yourself a new look. Unlike normal genevaults, 'zines will give out a set of customizations rather than a single one. These 'zines give out 3-4 at a time, depending on your race. There are currently two 'zines available in the promotion, each with a different style.

And third, it was a bit sad that not all of the "Big Prizes" were won last month in the Giftcatchers, so we're taking a new approach. Each 50 shots (global shots, not per player) for the first 250 shots, a special prize will be awarded, as per below:

- 50 global shots: 150 credits
- 100 global shots: A Crafter's Omnipass - the Big Prize that removes your tradeskill cap and pays for all the fees
- 150 global shots: 150 credits
- 200 global shots: A Crafter's Omnipass - the Big Prize that removes your tradeskill cap and pays for all the fees
- 250 global shots: 150 credits

Snap Mezyahti will give a shoutout every 10 shots to remind everyone how close the game is to the next prize. This big prize comes alongside whatever you might've won on your normal shot.

Good luck shooting and let's talk about classleads in the next post!

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