Honors and Titles in Starmourn – and a quick note on the Economy Update!

Players of Starmourn, you like showing off, right? Of course you do. The month of June has been all about showing off, and we’re happy to announce we’ve introduced a whole bunch of new titles and honors that you can use to pimp your character.

Last week, we introduced a plethora of new honors and titles, and have plans in the work to feature more. Here’s a brief rundown of what’s newly available to you, the players.

  • 5 new titles for the top 5 ranks of explorers
  • 5 new titles for the top 5 ranks of hackers
  • 5 new titles for captaincy, obtained at level 10, 20, 30, 40, admiral rank 1
  • 2 new titles for people who complete shopfront honors
  • Song Dominion and Celestine Ascendancy leaders can now display their position as a title

To change your displayed title, and to see a list of titles you currently have available, you’ll want to use the CUSTOMIZE TITLES command.

You can also display some of the honors you earn, via the HONORS FEATURE function. You can display MOST of them at this time, but not all. Notable exceptions are the newbie honors (the ones that refer to learning basic game functionality), manufacturing/factory ownership ones, and a few others. To see a list of all the honors you have earned, use the HONORS LIST command.

As always, this is a work in progress and more titles and honors lines will be added. Please feel free to comment in the forum thread with your ideas and suggestions for expanding this list! We’re listening and we want to hear from you!

The Economy Update

We’re working hard to make our new, upcoming additions to the economy as great as possible. Our awesome coder, Garryn, has just finished the first draft of our planetary exploration system. We’re having fun playing around with it, and are in the process of creating unique environments and enemies for you to explore and interact with. Stay tuned – we’ll have a demonstration of the feature when we’ve worked out a few more bugs!

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