Pirate Refineries and Autofactories

In the depths of space, unauthorized refineries and autofactories have been sighted, all of them belonging to rogue organizations or independent space pirates.

Courageous space adventurers can now engage with these pirate installations and lay waste to their manufacturing and harvesting efforts and be generously rewarded for their efforts.

Attacking one of these locations will immediately trigger a response from the besieged platform and you will find yourself pitted against powerful defensive systems. Be sure that you’re well prepared, well equipped and bring some friends along!

Once you manage to defeat the defenders, you may continue your efforts to outright destroy the pirate refinery/factory or, if you’re feeling even more adventurous, you may dock at the station and attempt to send the installation into overdrive by hacking into it. A successful hack will trigger an overload sequence that will have the same end result, that of destroying the installation, but the rewards will be greater!

Why would you not always opt to do this? Well, we ‘forgot’ to mention that whenever a pirate installation is under attack, the whole area becomes OPEN PK! So, time is of the essence unless you want to be pitted against other would-be space looters that would like a share of the prize.

Come find out more about this new mechanic and how these places get discovered on our forums and come play Starmourn to experience it for yourself!

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