Exciting News! The Planet Rama Welcomes Visitors Once More

The Rek homeworld is full of mysteries.

Exciting news travels swiftly through Starmourn Sector – the planet Rama, in the Atheni system, long since closed to outsiders, appears to be open to traffic for the first time in what historians say is centuries. Housing the last remnants of the Rek race, the ancient city of Hox has finally been revealed, along with a strange and vast Institute located on what the locals call ‘Gnomon Island’.

In other news, the time traveler and research scientist Flipilaria, thought by many to be lost in the wreck of the Event Horizon, has somehow reappeared. Rumor has it that her return is related to the planet Rama opening its doors to travelers once more, though it is unclear why, exactly, this would be.

The leaders of the various temporal research initiatives that have been started around the sector might know more…

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