Winterflame Has Arrived!! Time to Celebrate!

Winterflame is here…but there’s a mist rolling in. What does it mean?

Dust off your snowboots and pull on your mittens, Starmourners, because Winterflame is here again!

For the uninitiated – because we DO have a lot of new faces this year – here’s a little backstory!

As usual, transport to Winterflame will be available from Omni Station. But there’s something a little different about getting to the festival grounds this year…Rohna Guzmas, Firekeeper and Winterflame Ambassador, will probably be able to tell you more. Make sure you GREET her when you see her in Omni Station!

The SS Ironbeard

The SS Ironbeard hovers over a planet, ready to bombard the populace…with joy and free presents.

The SS Ironbeard is also back this month, and while whoever pilots this massive capital ship remains a galactic mystery that would stump the wisest Rek Chronomaster, what ISN’T mysterious is the packages full of goodies that it rains down upon whatever planet it is currently orbiting.

NOTE: The SS Ironbeard will only orbit racial homeworlds (and Scatterhome, since it counts as a racial homeworld. But not Glisal II or Song) and will toss gifts to everyone who happens to be on the surface at the time. You may only receive one such free gift per day.


Gift Giving is an integral part of Winterflame. Who will you hang a Giftcatcher for this year?

Giftcatchers are a Winterflame tradition that evolved from the Tukkav custom of hanging gift-laden nets in the doorways of their huts before a hunt. Originally meant to appease the local spirits, the custom became associated with prosperity and generosity over time. It was enthusiastically adopted by offworld celebrants as an integral part of Winterflame gift-giving.

Giftcatchers are available for purchase on the website and you are able to hang them in-game for yourself or your friends! Once you’ve purchased them, you can simply HANG GIFTCATCHER FOR ME or HANG GIFTCATCHER FOR <PLAYER> and it will be placed in the room! You can additionally add ANONYMOUS to the end to give someone an anonymous gift!

Once hung, they will be filled with gifts sometime during the in-game day!
Giftcatchers come in 4 varieties: Simple, Silver, Gold and Platinum, with each tier containing higher and higher values of gifts inside! That’s not to say that you won’t luck out if you stick with the Simple giftcatchers, though – they have a chance to contain all the gifts as well. After a giftcatcher is full, you may OPEN GIFTCATCHER and retrieve your prizes.

If you want to know about the fabulous new toys, prizes, and artifacts in this month’s giftcatchers, check out ANNOUNCEMENT 161 in game, and read HELP GIFTCATCHERS for more.

Happy Flameday!

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