Tiggywink vs Larsson for Starmourn’s Egg-streme Easter Rescue 2024!

It’s that time of year, folks! Time for some egg-celent adventures out in the Starmourn Sector.

Fufu Tiggywink and Derika Larsson have once again taken their respective places on Omni and Paskal Station and require your help to hunt the Sector for chicks, lapines, and eggs! Remember that you can always WALK TO to walk to named NPCs, so WALK TO FUFU or WALK TO DERIKA!

Keep in mind that you can only do one quest at a time – You’re working with two enemies, after all! After completing a quest, you can continue turning in lost critters and eggs to earn bigger and bigger prizes at the end of the event period.

These two will be available for you to assist until Sync on Monday 4/8 (8pm Sunday 4/7 EST), then you’ll have until Sync on Monday 4/15 (8pm Sunday 4/14 EST) to talk to them and collect your prizes.

Happy Easter / Egg-Event Week to all!

Your Starmourn Admin Team <3

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