Music, Bands and Performance

The whole world is a stage… YOUR STAGE!

You step up on the stage and the lights dim, a spotlight in the ceiling casting a cone of light on your frame. The audience quiets down.

You focus for a few moments, gathering your wits and getting in the zone, relaxing your muscles as the song is about to begin.

Finding a rhythm, you bounce your head and tap your toes upon the floor before launching into a percussive beat. Your kithdrums come to life as your hands dance across the bright kinetic sensors, lighting up in an array of colors bright and dark, each corresponding with a synaesthetic play of sound. Faster and faster the beat goes, unfolding in complexity.

Catchy and electrifying, the drums flash beneath your hands with each jolt of kith sent beneath the sensors, humming and chanting out a ricochet of sound. As the vibrations ignite the body of the drums, you build the performance to a head-banging crescendo.

Lifting your hands away from the sensors, you let the beat you’ve built play out to its final conclusion. The complex play of light and sound rocket within your drums, echoing the prior tempo until each beat starts to unwind. With a final thrum, the kithdrums fall still, and the final flash of light dies out…

Find your musical calling

The above is an excerpt of how performing music in Starmourn goes. Have you ever dreamed of becoming a nano-rock star? Do you aspire to be the next streampop icon? Or do you just like to jam to dreamfunk beats? Whatever your desire, you can now learn to play an instrument or sing with your voice and perform in front of audiences in the world.

Anyone can do this, there is no upfront cost or level restriction, the only thing that is required of you is your dedication. You will first choose an instrument and, once this very important decision is made, you can travel to venues around the world and start performing for people. The more you do this, the better you get at it and the better the reaction from the audience (and the tips you gain in return).

Create the next big band

But performing for tips is merely the tip of the iceberg!

Once you are somewhat skilled in music, you may start your own band or join an existing one. Team up with other players (or be a solo act!) and go big! You gain the ability to plan concerts and have people from all over the Sector come and see you play.

Concerts allow you to make your own custom performance. Dazzle your audience with colored emotes, keep them engaged and carve your name into the Starmourn halls of fame! The more people show up, the more band popularity you gain. The higher your popularity, the higher your earnings!

Your songs will echo unto eternity!

Lights, void energy, words and music all blend into one as you will compete with Starmourn’s already established panoply of famous bands! Do well enough in the long run and your songs might actually make it into the LUCENT playlists that anyone can listen to at any time via their Soundwavez™ devices!

The stage is waiting for you… will you take up the microphone and entertain us?

Come discuss performance and bands on our forums!


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