The Congregation of T’rath

A masked cultist waits in the alleyways of Litharge.

The capital city of the Celestine Ascendancy presents a neon face to the rest of the galaxy. Litharge. Commercialized, hectic, and loud.  Corporate and overcrowded, it is a vivid example of urban density, its immense size capable of swallowing a small country with room to spare.

A place of such dramatic excess was bound to attract an opposing extreme at some point. Enter the Congregation of T’rath, a group of religious zealots operating out of Litharge. Though initially they presented a peaceful face to the city, their message has since shifted to be uncompromising and violent, with a severe and vocal hatred of the Internal Neural Replicator life extension technology put into widespread circulation by the Atarsid race.

Neon and shadows in the Undercity.

In the later days of Deca, in the year 941 A.E., an explosion occurred in Scrapston, a borough of Litharge. The explosion followed an altercation of unknown provenance between citizens Argo T’rath, Clover Moonchild, and a nameless zoo animal.

Led by Ata Aurazi (the newly appointed Guardian Prime), Ren, Urid Lockwood, Grek Lockwood, Kass, and others, an investigation was launched into the source of this explosion. To respond to what appeared to be a terrorist threat, Immortal security guards were reassigned to Scrapston, only for a second explosion to occur moments later – this time at the Celestine Crossings.  The planetary transit authority summarily grounded all planet-based shuttle services to the station, and halted the elevator while order was restored by the Immortals. After approximately a day, transport services were re-opened. 

In the aftermath, it appears that the cloning facilities assigned to Glisal II by the Hon-En-Tur Exaltation were destroyed by a terrorist threat calling themselves the Congregation of T’rath. Atarsid representatives have assured the Celestine government that INR information is being rerouted to Omni Station. When they feel the threat has been dealt with, they will work to restore the facilities.

A death mask of T’rath.

Representatives of the Jin have disavowed the so-called leader of these zealots, Shoko T’rath, and his message of hate. Commander Commander Amasna Hook, of the Blood Ark, has stated unequivocally that: “T’rath is a peaceful God, and his motives are not to hasten death, but to welcome it when it eventually comes. Most Jin who can afford one will have an INR installed at birth.”

Shoko T’rath, Argo T’rath, Leilana T’rath, and Frixxi T’rath were removed from the faction by the Guardian Prime for reasons of terrorism, but the popularity of their message continues to grow, with new members of the Congregation found on every street corner. It is a time of tension and uncertainty, with identity-hiding masks and the sheer size of the city making it difficult to pinpoint the leaders of the cult.

The Celestine Ascendancy remains in a state of high alert.


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