Starmourn: On the Horizon

What’s next for the Celestine Ascendancy, and for the galaxy as a whole?

Over the next month or two, you can expect big changes to come to the internet’s favorite science fiction text-based game. From roleplay events to PVP overhauls to new enhancements and talents to earn for play after level 75, we’re working hard to deliver new and better content to our playerbase. Keep reading to learn the details of what’s coming up in Starmourn!

The Congregation of T’rath

Hidden identities in an endless city.

Events are unfolding this October, and the cult of T’rath continues to spread its passionate message across the Sector. While players have been participating throughout the month, we will occasionally plan to run things on a larger scale to provide more grist for your roleplay.

As such, there is a recommended playing time scheduled for this coming Saturday, October 19th, at 4pm Server Time (eastern time). We won’t spoil any surprises, but if you log in around then, you’ll probably see or hear something!

Cosmpiercers and PVP Overhaul

Let Cosmpiercer conflict enrich your game experience…

We make no secret about the fact that we like conflict in our games – it can be fun to use your skills, hone your abilities, be competitive, and feel the adrenaline rush of a good fight – winning or losing. That’s why we’re spending a good chunk of our development time on Cosmpiercers, along with a new system for encouraging “land based” pvp to get people exploring and encountering one another out in the world.

Cosmpiercers will soon require a resource obtained from various planets in the game to maintain an active charge. Active Cosmpiercers allow factions who control them to unlock faction-wide bonuses and abilities.

Here’s a little preview of the various abilities you can look forward to playing with when this system finally drops! Please note that these features are in development, and subject to change as we continue testing!

    • Gain the existing ‘cosmpiercer survey’ in any zone.
    • Random gatewarp from anywhere.
    • Temporary weapon boosts.
    • New ship maneuvers.
    • A short term room effect that turns all damage and subsys damage into healing.
    • A short term room effect that reflects all damage and subsys damage to the attacker.
    • Movement impairing effects
    • Healing abilities that affect everyone in the room.
    • Heals and subsystem heals
    • Cosmpiercer ability sapping for other players
    • Full diagnose
    • Mob sense
    • Check another player’s cosmpiercer ability status

Play after Level 75

The possibilities for post-75 play are as unlimited as space itself.

We’ve been in beta for awhile, and that means quite a lot of you are at your level cap already. While we love what that says about your passion for the game, we also know we want to keep giving you things to do in Starmourn to infinity and beyond.

We’re currently working on developing a system which will allow you to keep gaining experience after hitting the level cap. After hitting level 75, you’ll be able to accumulate experience which you can spend on a brand new talent tree.

The new talent tree features critical hit increases, a bartering skill that increases your junk value, a Galactic Diplomat talent which will decrease your quest cooldowns, and more! You’re sure to find something of value in it that will keep you interested and invested in play after level 75. To get a full preview of everything that will be available when development is complete, check out this forum post!

We’re shooting for the stars

The features and events we’ve described in this post only scratch the surface of what we’re talking about on the development team. We’re excited to start unveiling these things, and more, to you over the next couple of months. Stick around, because the fun is just beginning. See you all in space!

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